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#3465: Mamee Monster – Malaysia

#3465: Mamee Monster - Malaysia

If you didn’t know, Mamee Monster is a snack noodle. It’s all over – you should have known by now. You smash the bag, open it up and eat it. Yes, really. This is popular and common is Southeast Asia. Yup! Let’s take a look. ...see full post

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#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon – Japan

#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon - Japan

Here’s one from the December 2019 Umai Crate! Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box you can get from Japan with all sorts of noodles and Japanese things inside. Should check ’em out and if you get one or a subscription, use coupon code THERAMENRATER at checkout for a discount! ...see full post

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#3463: Wai Wai Brand Oriental Style Instant Noodles – Thailand

#3463: Wai Wai Brand Oriental Style Instant Noodles - Thailand

Okay so there’s Wai Wai in Thailnd, then Wai Wai in India, which I suspect is an exponentially larger affair. However I think they are part of the same company. It’s uncanny – Thai instant noodle companies have names with repeating syllables. ...see full post

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#3462: Mi ABC Mi Instan Goreng – Indonesia

#3461: Mi ABC Mi Instan Goreng - Indonesia

Found this on in Richmond, BC at FoodyWorld. On the super cheap too – I think a five pack was $1.99CAD! Let’s crack into it – it’s always a good time for mi goreng! ...see full post

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