1. Great stuff, but needs more instant noodles from Thailand. Wai Wai and MaMa are da bombtastic.

  2. the closest asian market is about 10 miles away so i guess i am stuck with amazon for now. just so you know i tell everyone about your site haha.

    1. Nope I haven’t tried that one – looks like one I’d like to review… I’m legally blind and live right in the middle of noodle central – walking works but if you can’t walk that could be really tough… You know, it would seem to me like a college swap ramen meet could work somewhere…

      – TRR

  3. thank you so much for taking the time to reply so quickly. i didn’t expect that at all! haha, great service! I am about to order some more then, and i really appreciate it. do you get money out of this in any way? i was expecting to be buying them from you on amazon and was surprised when i found out it wasn’t. also, besides indomie, the prices start to go up pretty quickly. like the ones i was looking at (sapporo ichiban chow mein and sapporo shio ramen) are both over $1 each, which isn’t expensive but since i have to order in bulk and i dont know if i will like it, it is a lot more than the 30¢ per package ones (like indomie). thank you so much btw!

    1. Yeah I get a little bit when you use Amazon – if you use the http://www.ramenraterstore.com as well as the link in the Noodle Shop tab at the top of the page. I live in a little apartment and there’s no big store here.

      Yeah, some get more expensive when you have to buy that many – I’d say buy locally as I do, but of course depending on where you’re at that can be tough. I’m up near Seattle – big Asian population here so there are lots of great stores to hit up.

      Glad you like the blog! More to come!

      – TRR

  4. hey, I tried the indomie bbq chicken ramen and it blew my mind. I am a college student but i also am a food enthusiast. Ramen is starting to get my attention. I only can get ramen that i can order online, preferably through amazon. Most of the ramen on the top ten list isn’t available. anyone mind giving me some recommendations?

  5. Love your site. I have to ask though, WHY would you put processed
    cheese on you noodles. I love ramen but I just don’t get it.

    1. Then you should try it – especially with Korean spicy red broth ramyuns! It’s really good – they’ve been doing it in Korea for a long time. It’s funny; no one’s asked me about the cheese; they’re usually completely floored by adding eggs…

      – TRR

  6. I would love to see a top ten list of vegan (no animal products) instant noodles. Any chance you might be able to do this list sometime. Cool site. Thanks!

    1. I wish I could help, but I would have to repurchase and inspect every single one I reviewed from review #1 up to around 500-660 or so – after that I started scanning the back of the pack of each one. Without the ingredient list, I wouldn’t be able to do this.

      – TRR

    1. I’ve been looking for a distributor so I could slap my name on a ten pack. That would be awesome for people who just wanna try the best ones… Sadly, no takers yet… As for hitting up a Chinese market, its more like you’d have to hit up a few of them. Where are you located? I might be able to give you some tips – I found all of them locally but I live in the Seattle area. You can also check out http://www.ramenraterstore.com – many of them are on there and on the front page there.

      – TRR

      1. That is disappointing unfortunately. I really wanted to go out and try out all the best ones you have mentioned. But yeah I live in the Bay Area, California. I’ll take a look at your store as well. Thanks for the reply.

        1. Hey you can get most of the stuff then – check out 99 Ranch Markets – they’ve got one in Dublin, one in Pleasanton too and probably more. I think they might have Mitsuwa too. In San Francisco they have that Japan Center, but the little store there wasn’t all that great and expensive.

          My wife is from Livermore so that’s how I know a thing or two about the area.

          GO GIANTS!!! BEAT L.A.!

          – TRR

  7. I think you should add Kko Kko Myun… You rated it 5 stars! Just saying, being a Korean myself, I am obsessed ith Kko Kko Myun and Nagasaki Jjampong.

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