Here’s some places in the King / Snohomish county region to find instant noodles reviewed on Ramenrater.com

NEW!! Sea Food City 1368 Southcenter Mall Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 241-0555 – RAMENRATER REVIEW

NEW!! Viet Wah Super Market – 1032 South Jackson Street Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 329-1399 – RAMENRATER REVIEW

Boo Han Oriental Market
22618 Highway 99 # Main
Edmonds, WA 98026-8395 (Ramen Rater Review)
99 Ranch Market
22511 Highway 99, Edmonds,WA 98026
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM(7 days a week) Ramen Rater Review
99 Ranch Market
18230 E. Valley Highway #100, Kent,WA 98032
HT Oaktree Market
10008 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA ( Ramen Rater review Here )
Uwajimaya Seattle
600 5th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 624-6248 ( Ramen Rater Review )
Uwajimaya Bellevue

699 120th Ave NE  Bellevue, WA 98005

(425) 747-9012


KS Mart
17424 Highway 99
Lynnwood, WA 98037-9243
3301 184th Street Southwest
Lynnwood, WA 98037-4797
(425) 776-0858 (Ramen Rater Review)


  1. RamenRater, I’ve been searching online for the emart dare you! habanero ramyun And I’m having a hard time. I live in New Jersey and I went to H-Mart and they happened to not carry them. I did try the Paldo Teumsae Ramyun and it was really good. It wasn’t spicy enough though to extinguish my tongue. Please send me info any stores in Northern half of NJ or in Manhattan, NY. Preferably buy online or any stores in NJ. Thank you soo much for rating spicy noodles I really enjoyed that Paldo Teumsae

    1. Okay so I would say the best bet to find it quickly is to hit eBay. Look up habanero ramen or emart habanero ramen – it might be listed as super junior habanero (Super Junior) is a Korean pop group and emart has them promoting it. You try the 2x Spicy Buldak Bokkeummyun? That stuff will definitely blow your head off. Actually – look up 18 Prohibited Rematch on YouTube – that’s going to be #1 on next year’s list barring something else coming to bat.

      – TRR

  2. I noticed that you’re in WA and that’s awesome, do you know of any good spots to pick up Ramen in Spokane? I prefer the kind in a bowl already, as I’m just using an electric kettle. But I’m open.

    And is there a way to tell if it’s spicy, when you can’t read the package?

  3. i used to get assi brand rice noodles in seafood flavor at the “greenland Supermarket” in las vegas, nv. they have stopped selling that brand. is there any place else i can get them in vegas? any place on line that i can order them?Thanks for your reviews.

  4. I am in Englewood, Colorado zip 80110. I tried thw beef spoon it and for the life of me I cannot remember where I got it. Can you help?? I love it!!

  5. If anyone can help me find the crying tiger ramen noodle soup,i be most appreciated. i live in tucson,arizona and i been hunting for this alusive crying tiger ramen noodle for sometime now, i spent 3 years 5 months 23 days looking.
    And Hans “The Ramen Rater” Lienesch please don’t send me that link you gave to poor greg.

    If your gonna send that link give me a phone number to call them directly about this product.

    I will find my crying tiger soon even if it takes me my entire life.

  6. I like to buy mine from the Mexican grocery stores here in Phoenix like Ranch Market and Food City. They tend to have the largest selection and often run 5 for $1 or 8 for $1 specials.

  7. I need to find Crying Tiger brand ramen soup. Both in the cup and regular packaged noodle form. It is a brand from China, and used to be imported by J&J sunshine corp from CA. It is by FAR, the best ramen noodles that I have ever tasted. If anyone out there knows either a store or imoprt company that sells this brand, please let me know. greg1124@live.com


  8. I love the spicy beef flavor but can’t find it. What major retailers will sell all of the unique flavors other than just chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, etc.?

  9. Have you been to the Great Wall Mall in Kent/Tukwila (or is that the 99 Ranch Market in Kent you list?)?

  10. I saw this site and i would love to know where in kittery maine i could find any of these noodles i grew up on raman and i would love to find places that sell the more interesting brands

  11. Hi there…disregard my prior email a few secs ago as I just found some answers—can you pinpoint any local areas in Los Angeles County (California)? Thanks alot.

  12. Just found your wonderful and informative website!
    I live in the southeastern part of the U.S. (Alabama). Any idea where I can find your Top 10 here and are Asian grocery stores a good place to shop for noodles?


  13. I cannot find the Rhee Bros #297 Kimchee Flavor Rice Noodles in the LA area K-Markets. I bought it to try about 1 month ago at the Woori market in LA. It was delicious so I went back to buy more but was told the store didn’t carry it anymore. Please advise which stores carry them in the Los Angeles area. The Galleria LA and Northridge, Woori in LA do not carry it. Can we order them online? I’m going to the Assi Supermarket to check if they carry it!
    Help, I need my Noodles!! 😀

    1. I would bet that they definitely have them at the Assi store because it says Assi Brand on the label. If not, try perusing Korean grocieries in your area. I imagine LA has some awesome Asian supermarkets and little groceries all over the place.

      – The Ramen Rater

  14. Hi there,

    Can you please let me know where I can purchase these noodles in Cape Town, South Africa?
    I had first eaten them in Thailand and they are yummmmmmy!


    1. Hi there,

      I’m referring to the Oriental Kitchen (mamas) Hot and Spicy.

      Any place in Cape Town, South Africa, where I can purchase them?


  15. Love your site! Can you tell me where in the world I can find the original Nissin Chikin ramen in the Seattle area (or failing that, a site that can export it to the US)? Thanks so much!

  16. Can you tell me where in Southern California can I find these Pow Crunch Noodle Snack. My kids got to try it and now we are in search for it. Thank you. Olivia

  17. Hello, sir. I love your website, Ramen Rater. I live in Connecticut,
    and i’m wondering, would you happen to know where i can find some of
    these more interesting ramen? I’ve grown up on the basic
    Maruchan/Nissin beef and chicken, and id like to experiment a little.

    Any help you can give would be nice.

    By the way, the email address you list on the “Contact me” page does not work.


    – Dave Pozefsky.

    1. Dave –

      Sure let me see here… Looks like there’s a place in West Hartford called Young’s Oriental Grocery [ http://www.youngsoriental.com/ ] and here’s a link to a ton more. I’m sure they all carry a decent variety of instant noodles!

      Thanks for posting your question and always free to ask away! – By the way, thanks for the tip on the email address!

      The Ramen Rater

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