Where To Get It: Uwajimaya Seattle

So this is where I originally started getting the instant noodles. My folks took me here when I was very young as a regular destination for food.

600 5th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104-3898
(206) 624-6248

I remember when it used to be in a different location about ten years ago but now it’s all redone and very snazzy.

They have all sorts of neat things from Japan in there – but also from all over the world. They’re a big grocery and also have a section with kitchenware and books and a food court and a bookstore.

She found the treats! Hello Kitty Yan Yan! They’ve got a bazillion different interesting little Japanese candies and bubble gums and other things.

Even foods that contain a little bit of you!

Here’s the ramen aisle. Bowls on the left, packets on the right. Pretty excellent variety although I remember it being a bit better in the past. They used to have Nissin Chikin ramen there but no more. This place is excellent! Spend $7 to validate parking for an hour, $15 for two hours. Two hours can be spent in here easily!

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