#125: Shirakiku Japanese Style Noodle Tokusen Karami Ramen

So here’s a new one… Never tried Shirakiku ramen before! So here goes..

One solitary packet of powder.

A pretty good amount of powder. I looked at the ingredients – some scallop, bonito and more fish stuff. This should be interesting…

Click image to enlarge. The noodles are nothing special and I expected something a little better. The broth though was very flavorful. Salty, a slight bit thicker than others – very slight. A nice full bodied flavor. flavor, although I can’t blame it on one particular ingredient. I think it could be the doubang jang which is red pepper and broad gurd. I like it. I’m giving it a 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Pretty good but really nothing extraordinary.


  1. Had this one today, have to agree on the noodles weren’t spectacular but weren’t the worse ones I have ever tasted, I did however enjoy the spicy broth! looking forward to trying other shirakiku flavors.

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