Something hit me – instead of baking the bread in the bread machine, just making dough in there and then baking in the over. With the fish mold to make an infused bread that way, I decided to branch out. Now, it’s pizza. The crust is pizza dough – not instant noodles. I’ve seen so many people making these nasty pizzas using instant noodles and when they take a bite, they get this odd look on their faces; kind of like if you walked into a room that you know is full of spiders, but you don’t think you’re going to walk into a big web, but not exactly sure either way. So, I decided to make pizza that includes all aspects of instant noodles. So far, they’ve been savory and wonderful. Here they are in all their glory.

Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken & Beef Flavor Pizza Party!

Prima Taste Whole Grain Laksa & Chili Crab La Mian Pizza Party!

Nissin Cup Noodles Pumpkin Spice & Nissin Fire Wok Sizzlin’ Rich Pork Pizzas

Buldak Habanero Lime & Quattro Spicy Ramen Pizza Party!

Indomie Hot & Spicy Pizza (Indomizza) / Paldo Bibim Men Pizza

Samyang Buldak 2x Pizza / MAMA Green Curry Pizza

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Pizza / MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong Pizza