Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

Well folks, it’s been a hot summer’s day here in Gallagher’s Corners… Oh wait scratch that. I’m in Kenmore, Washington… Regardless, it hit 94 degrees today and we live in an apartment with an air conditioner, but at 11pm it’s still 80 degrees. Nasty.

I’ve been wanting to do another round of pizzas and couldn’t hold myself back. We went out yesterday and got some stuff to make that happen, and I was resourceful and made the dough early. Well, I made it too early and it ended up rising while we were gone – and it rose to overflowing the bin where it rises. So, today I went anew and started it over. Then I realized I didn’t have any alfredo to mix green curry with. So, yes! I walked for your! I walked in the 94 degree hottest time of day to the store, got some alfredo and came home to make a spectacle of culinary wonder that you will witness below. You’re welcome. Just do me a favor and watch the whole video – it’s not a whole lot to ask.

I made two pizzas today – one with Samyang Buldak 2x Spicy and one with MAMA Green Curry.

If you’re looking for some silly junk pizza that some YouTuber made for subs, this isn’t what you’ll find here. The crust is not made out of instant noodles. I made the dough from AP flour, butter, water, salt and sugar in my bread machine. I did add aspects of instant noodles to it – cooked and drained then as a topping. The trick with these is the ratio of seasonings to standard pizza sauces – marinara for Buldak and alfredo for the MAMA green curry. These ended up being symphonic and quite wonderful.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – pizza time’s here.

In this corner, you know it, you love it! It’s the tongue crusher!@ Fire afoot! It’s Buldak 2x! In the opposite corner, it’s wild – it’s savory! It’s…. It’s MAMA Green Curry!

This is Thunderdome. My tastebuds are watching and will eat the first pizza that sings.

Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

So I usually do a list of ingredients and method of prep but you can get most of that from the video. The dough is simple – 4 cups flour, 2 tbsp soft butter, 1 1/3 cup water, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar and about a tsp of yeast. Just do the water, then sugar, salt, half the flour, yeast, and the rest of the flour – hit your dough button on your bread machine and let it go. Dust everything with flour and flatten that dough once it’s done. For the sauce do about a cup of pizza sauce and Buldak sachet together (you could do less red sauce and two Buldak sachets if you wanna) and then heat and stir. Same with alfredo – one cup – but I used a single powder sachet and the green curry paste from two packs of the green curry noodle. Toppings are up to you but I used mozzarella on both, green bell pepper, scallion, white onion and chicken on the Buldak and tomato, basil, and chicken on the green curry.

Yeah just watch that all the way through – I worked my ass off and sweated at least a gallon.

Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

Finished (click to enlarge). As you can see, there’s a lot of things going on here. What’s neat is that despite the dilution of the Buldak 2x sauce in the pizza sauce, it definitely retains a good amount of not only heat but that hot and slightly sweet Buldak flavor, and everything seemed to compliment eachother. Very good and definitely recommend trying this to those backyard woodfired pizza guys and gals out there.

Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

A side shot (click to enlarge).

Buldak 2x! MAMA Green Curry! Ramen Pizza 2.0!

Here’s the MAMA Green Curry (click to enlarge). Of these two, honestly this was my favorite. Super savory green curry and tons of fresh Thai basil just made it sing. The chicken was so good with this, and the tomato gave it just a little more moisture which worked well especially on this hot day.

Well, what should I do next? Send me an email if you have some thoughts! This is far from the end – I have to say that making stuff like this is truly a lot of fun and something I’d never thought I could do. More to come!

I told you there was more to come (click to enlarge).

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