The Big List has kind of become popular which seems odd to me, but it has. People have found the list useful for learning about interpreting data in different ways. Academic institutions have used it in curriculum (I mean come on – college and ramen kind of go hand in hand). All I ask is that you credit The Ramen Rater if you use this dataset and if you plan to use it in curriculum, send a letter asking for permission. I really would like to have information on who is using it and where – mainly for personal curiosity.

Some background: these reviews are based on my personal preferences, not on sales of popularity. Scores are in .25 increments – rounding is NOT recommended. Think of letter grading; a 3.5 score out of 5 stars – (3.5 * 2) * 10 = 70 = C. So, rounding a 3.5 to a 4.0 doesn’t reflect it correctly.

I started reviewing in 2002. I’m a stay at home dad and have very poor vision – typos may be in there here and there, but the whole set is pretty cleaned up as to such idiosyncrasies. Feel free to ask any questions and please let me know if you use the set at – thanks, enjoy – this is my baby.

Updated as of November 27th, 2023 – reviews up to #4650.

Download – XLSX   PDF


  1. I replaced my phone with the new iPhone five and the big list is no longer accessible. Is there a workaround? If no…Any plans on fixing this problem or is it unique to me?
    (Portable access is key when poking around Asian markets stalking Ramen)

  2. hey it would be really awesome if you could add your ratings by each of the varieties on this list…your site owns btw!

    1. Oh man that would take a loooong time! Tell ya what – if you wanna add a couple columns – one for the review number, one for the link to the review and one with the rating, I’d put it up and give ya full credit for all your hard work! It sure would be a process that’s for sure!

      – TRR

  3. Hi Hans the Ramen Rater
    I just found your website through a friend’s facebook.
    Just like you, I also love Indomie’s product. There are many more brand than just Indomie in Indonesia. Would you like to try other unpopular brand too? If so, I will bring some if I go back to Indonesia.
    Another thing, I want to know if I can put your link on our Asian grocery store facebook.
    Thank you and best wishes!

  4. !!! I’m speechless, having just discovered this! I was on google trying to find someone else who appreciated Noodle Wok instant noodles, which I have just discovered, and which taste great with a little cayenne pepper. You should review them! They come in an actual bowl and with a little fork in so all you literally need is hot water – and yet (so far) noodles have never tasted so great. Although to be fair it’s been a while since I’ve had access to any indomie.
    ha i’m not quite speechless then… I love this website!!!

    1. Yeah the Shin Ramyun’s not too shabby – I’ve reviewed the Shin cup, bowl, pack and big bowl before – just go to the categories drop down on and check out Nong Shim.

      As for the Demae Duck, nope – not available in the USA as far as I’ve found yet… Tried quite a few other and really have enjoyed them!

      Thanks for your comments!

      – The Ramen Rater

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