I thought hey – it’s the last day of November – perhaps I should do a roundup of subscription boxes I regularly test out with prices and coupon codes – maybe people would like that. Well, let’s find out! I regularly get samples of four different boxes. The prices listed in the video are a snapshot from November 28th, 2021 and so could change. You can use the coupon code THERAMENRATER on any of these for a discount. If you’d like me to check out other subscription boxes that you know of, drop them a line and tell them to contact me!

The Ramen Rater’s 2022 Instant Ramen Subscription Box Buyer’s Guide

The Big Rundown

An overview of all the boxes I regularly see.

The List

Exotic Noods

A neat box full of varieties from around the world. The ones I get have 8 varieties in them, however there are different options available. – 5am Ramen

The varieties in these boxes are super premium – a curated selection from a ramenphile named Frank who really knows his stuff.

Umai Crate

Umai Crates come from Japan Crate which does a myriad of different boxes, but this is the ramen-centric one. These have bowls, cups, packs, and special DIY selections as well as an informative guide and recipe card.


These boxes come with seven different Japanese varieties. They’re usually thematic, however diverge from the theme here and there as to keep things interesting. Rarely have I tried anything before which is in these boxes, which is nice.