1. So may of these recipes SOUND amazing and I definitely ate my fair share of ramen throughout high school and college, but I can no longer bring myself to buy ramen once I actually started studying nutrition. The amount of sodium alone in each flavour package is approximately a full days worth, and that’s just the tip of the health nightmare iceberg! Do you know of any “low sodium” or healthier version ramen? I know..stupid question as most of the international ramen packages aren’t in english, nor do they have to follow our FDA if theyre not technically being sold here (ie, buying online)…but I came across your site while “Stumbling” and thought I’d ask…

    1. Yeah a lot of people have an issue with the sodium. What I would say first though is that there is a huge amount of sodium in foods you would get at a restaurant as well; go to someplace fancy and get a burger and fries or some chicken and it can easily out salt the ramen. As far as healthier alternatives, there’s GreeNoodle which contains this stuff called Moroheiya – pretty nasty and something I didn’t care for. Another brand is Koka. They don’t fry the noodles and so they are much lower in fat as well as sodium. Also, they’re extremely good! I’d seek them out. One thing I should note too – there’s a lot of people who go on about MSG. Did you know that MSG contains less sodium than table salt?

      Thanks for your question!

      – TRR

  2. I was pretty amazed that I’ve actually tried a good number of the ramen you have rated which kinda made me feel cool >.> But there are so many I just
    -have- to try. And some awesome recipes here I want to try too.

    One way I like to make ramen that my husband loves is what I call “Fried Ramen Soup”

    I boil the ramen and then fry it in a pan with a little oil (I use canola but other oils can give it a new and interesting flavor, like sesame oil.)
    A little bit of magi and some peper.

    I then make the soup or broth with the little flavor pack/s provided with the ramen and add the fried crispy noodles to the soup.

    I also add meats sometime like thin sliced pork or beef and usually some cabbage and an egg. It’s really yummy. I hope you give it a try!

  3. New Recipe. Only way I have eaten Ramen noodles for the past 7 years now is to boil the noodles, add butter, soy sauce, and grated Parmesan cheese. Every time I tell my friends about it their face cringes, but once they try it they’re hooked.

  4. Just stumbled onto your website – gotta love it!!! I printed out your top ten list and will be doing some searching till I try them all – Thanks!!!

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