I’ve heard of recipes people make where they combine two different types of instant noodles to make something new. Well, here’s one from South Korea that is very popular right now! Chapaguri! 짜파구리 !

As I’m sure you can guess, it’s a combination of Nongshim’s Chapagetti Chajang Noodles and Nongshim’s Neoguri Spicy Seafood Udon. I got the recipe from Nongshim’s South Korean website here.

What I get is that you cook the noodles, add the veggies from the white packets, drain the water off except for about a ladle-full, then add the seasonings and stir. Finally, stir fry for a minute or so, adding the oil packet. Voila – Chapaguri! There is a difference between the Neoguri and Chapagetti made in the US, but it’s not big. In the recipe, you’ll see a little piece of seaweed – that’s not included in the Neoguri made here. With that, let’s check this out!

Here’s a video I made showing the process of making Chapaguri with instructions that I made.

Here are the two noodle blocks.

Packets aplenty!

Seasonings ready to go!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Excellent! Like a spicy seafood jjajang! They mention adding fried egg and cucumber, but I would also think that a little thin sliced beef and odeng would go well with it – also some onion would be nice. Of course, kimchi would go very nicely with it too.


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