The Ramen Rater: How I Review Instant Noodles v3.0

The Ramen Rater: How I Review Instant Noodles v3.0

As I quickly approach my 400th published review, I thought I ought to share how I do all my reviews. Over the years, the way I do things has evolved. In my first video, back in 2015, I was using much different equipment. In 2017, I was using much different equipment and using different techniques.

I’m always trying to streamline things and making the stuff I have to do more efficient so I can take less time on the technical side and more time on the creative side of the process.

Here’s my presentation – really happy with how it comes out and I’ll list some of the things I use to do what I do below. Hope you enjoy a peek behind the curtain!

The Ramen Rater Presents: How I Review Instant Noodles v3.0



  • 2002-2005 – Started reviewing instant noodles on non-blog website
  • 2005-2009 – Switched to reviewing hot sauces as Sauce Rater
  • 2008 – Converted original site to Blogger
  • 2009 – Switched to
  • 2009 – Changed reviewing format to include more images. more ‘review’


  • 2010 – Dedicated much more time to blog as I moved near to Asian grocery stores within walking distance; sourcing issues nullified!
  • 2011 – First top ten list, switching camera used multiple times
  • 2012 – 400 reviews, visit to Nongshim America
  • 2013 – Media presence via Top Ten 2013 – big Taiwan kerfuffle, birth of mobile app, switched from to
  • 2014 – Visit to Malaysia, started collecting packaging in binders, starting including bar codes at review #600
  • 2015 – Visit to Thailand
  • 2016 – Visit to Taiwan
  • 2017 – Visit to Taiwan


  • 2018 – Photography done with DSLR and copy stand, reached 3000th review, started daily Instant Noodle Recipe Time show
  • 2019 – Introduced more Top Ten lists, The Big List data used by students, professors to teach data modeling in colleges and universities
  • 2020 – Changed Top Ten list format due to COVID; kids at home all the time made using green screen impossible
  • 2021 – New site facelift, re-introduction of standardized top ten videos, image sizing upgrade starting at review #4000, Ramen Junkies facebook group inherited


  • iOS mobile app
  • More travel
  • Ramen machine to attempt my own noodles possibly
  • Collaboration with company on The Ramen Rater edition instant noodle products



  • Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera
  • GoPro 7 Black
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Sony sound recorder w/Sony lavalier
  • HP 7740 All-In-One Printer/Large Scanner
  • Various tripods/articulated arms
  • Copy stand with daylight bulbs
  • Anker Soundcore Pro – music for Instant Noodle Recipe Time Episodes
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 – – Music for Instant Noodle Recipe Time / Video for timelapse / this video
  • Rotato – the rotating platform everyone loves
  • Chiba Green onion slicer
  • Zojirushi BBCC-V20 Bread Machine (replaces Toastmaster Bread Machine)


  • Adobe Photoshop 2021
  • Nikon Camera Control Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2021
  • WordPress
  • Epidemic Sound Library / Videoblocks footage library
  • OBS – To record screen


…by the way

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