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Happy National Noodle Day 2022! Cup Noodles Bath Bomb!

Happy National Noodle Day 2022! Cup Noodles Bath Bomb!

October 6th is National Noodle Day! I knew it existed, but every year I find out when it’s too late to do a special post or something to commemorate the day. This year, Nissin Foods USA overnighted me a box especially for National Noodle Day – and it arrived the day before! So, I’ve spent the day before National Noodle Day shooting video, doing special research, and sitting in the bathroom. Well, it’s been fun, and now it’s time to show you what you may have or have not heard about – the Nissin Cup Noodles Soup Soaker. It’s a bath bomb which came in this special box in a noodle cup. What’s more is it’s kind of chickenny. Yeah. A chicken broth bath bomb. Watch it fizz!!! ...see full post

Instant Noodle Recipe Time – Episode 1500

Instant Noodle Recipe Time - Episode 1500

A number of years ago, I thought I’d see what would happen if I cooked up some noodles and ran a camera as I did it. It’s kind of funny – a lot of the large projects in my life have started with ‘let’s see what happens.’ I had thought for years the idea of shooting video while I cooked noodles for reviews was a purely idiotic idea; I would have to edit every video, which would take so much more time than the way I did things. Well, I found a way around that. ...see full post

The Ramen Rater Diet Update – February 2020

I thought I’d do a quick update as to everything I’ve been doing to attempt to lose weight. Winter has come. Harder to have the ability to get outside – who wants to walk in the pouring rain? Plus, lots of vacation time for kids so stuck at home a lot. Here’s a new video about what I’m doing. plus I did a recipe using a couple ingredients including Hakubaku Udon noodles – it’s pretty quick – not going to say it’s only 5 calories, but it’s super good. ...see full post