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The Ramen Rater’s Seventh Annual Momofuku Ando Day

Momofuku Ando The Ramen Rater's Seventh Annual Momofuku Ando Day

Seven years ago I first heard about Momofuku Ando Day. I was curious about it and very happy it existed – so much so that I decided that since I devote so much time to instant noodles and reviewing them, I ought to pay homage to their creator. ...see full post

Unboxing Time: A $15 Single Pack Of Ichiran Fukuoka Ramen

Unboxing Time: A $15 Single Pack Of Ichiran Fukuoka Ramen

I read an article posing the question ‘is $8 ramen worth it?’ and decided I’d better find out. Well, I went to eBay and found no $8 ramen because it was $14.98. Let’s take a look. ...see full post

#2690: Village Vanguard No Men

#2690: Village Vanguard No Men brain zombie Japanese japan ramen

These came by way of Snackoo – a company that supplies you with great snack boxes, containing all sorts of fascinating things as well as ramen noodles. Why not check them out? ...see full post

#2687: Nissin Yakisoba With Mayonnaise

#2687: Nissin Yakisoba With Mayonnaise - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Alright – bring on the confusion, the shock and the WTF’s. Yes, mayonnaise is very popular as a topping in Japan. Why? Well, it’s freaking awesome – it’s tasty and works very well. Yakisoba without it is just not as good. ...see full post

#2686: Sapporo Ichiban Coriander & Chicken Noodle

#2686: Sapporo Ichiban Coriander & Chicken Noodle

Once you get outside the United States, cilantro is known as coriander. This is actually the second coriander variety I’ll be trying from Japan. Didn’t expect that to be a popular flavor for Japan, but hey, why not. I really like coriander. This one comes from They have monthly ramen boxes that are a really great deal – definitely, check them out! Okay – let’s crack this one open. ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Zenpop ‘Toshikoshi’ Box

Unboxing Time: Zen Pop 'Toshikoshi' Box

Happy New Year! This is a new box from Zenpop.JP –  they do a few different kinds of boxes but this one’s just ramen. Nine varieties – pretty impressive! Use coupon code RAMENRATER to receive a discount at ! Let’s have a look inside to see what’s going on! ...see full post

#2683: Nissin Cup Noodles Champignons (Mushroom)

#2683: Nissin Cup Noodles Champignons (Mushroom) - Japan - The Ramen Rater

So here’s one I got up in Canada in July. So Nissin Japan does regional varieties – there are tons of Nissin branches all over the world – Nissin Germany is one of them. This is one for the Japanese market and looks a lot like the German Cup Noodles varieties. ...see full post

#2681: TableMark Homerun-Ken Vegetable Tanmen

#2681: TableMark Homerun-Ken Vegetable Tanmen - Japan -

Here’s another neat one from Zenpop.JP. Thank you! So Zenpop has all sorts of monthly boxes including ramen boxes. Nine instant ramen in one box for a good price – check ’em out! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Zenpop Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

Unboxing Time: Zenpop Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

Was stoked to find another box in the mail – this time a box from, a company that sells Japanese themed boxes with all sorts of different things in them. Haven’t seen a rfancy box like this one from them before – also wasn’t sure how they were going to fit a lot of varieties of instant noodles in here like the others contained. Let’s crack it open and look within! ...see full post

#2675: Myojo Hyobanya Kakitama Udon

#2675: Myojo Hyobanya Kakitama Udon - The Ramen Rater - Japan

This one took a lot of digging on Google and trying various translations and I think I have the name right. I think this may have something to do with egg drop soup? I really am unsure; the ones I see that sound like this one is only cooked 3 minutes and mention the calories on them. I’m completely lost. So I pushed out an ask on The Ramen Rater facebook page so we will see what that brings. In the meantime, let’s continue! ...see full post

#2671: Acecook Mochi-Mochi Yakisoba

#2671: Acecook Mochi-Mochi Yakisoba - Japan - Zenpop - The Ramen Rater

Here’s another interesting one from Zenpop.JP – thanks! So Zenpop is doing monthly boxes of all sorts of things Japan-related including instant ramen of course.  This one looks particularly interesting in that it’s an instant yakisoba made with noodles made from… Mochi? Here’s a little about mochi from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2667: Nissin Okinawa Soba

#2657: Nissin Okinawa Soba - Zenpop - Japan - The Ramen Rater

This is another one from Zenpop is pretty cool – they have different boxes you can get – Japanese stationery, snacks, ramen… It’s quite a variety. They’re pretty cheap, too. Here’s what they had to say about this variety: ...see full post