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Second Batch Of Maruchan Ramen Bread Unboxing From Matt B.

Okay – you might be wondering what the heck is going on here – what kind of madness is this? Well, it’s bread which is made with noodles and seasoning sachets from Maruchan Chicken Instant noodles. Really? Yes. Seriously? Yes. This has been a project put into action by Matthew Bellah which I’ve added comment and ideas to. This is the second batch he’s sent. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3789: Myojo Charumera Artificial Tonkotsu Flavor – United States

#3789: Myojo Charumera Artificial Tonkotsu Flavor - United States

This one gets the USA tag since it is made in Japan but only for sale over here in this packaging. This comes by way of James from LAkeside, CA – thanks! So the charumera is the horn the little guy on the pack is holding up. The ramen guy would come to the neighborhood and toot that thing (kind of like the ice cream man playing Camptown Races) and you’d know to go get your noodles. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3785: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Chili Lime Flavor – United States

#3861: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Chili Lime Flavor - United States

This is the second of the Panda Signature variety cup style noodles I’ll be trying today. I must say, the video where I unboxed a ton of varieties a reader in Montana sent me has done really well. Sadly, it’s not because people are excited about the products. They’ve been much maligned by folks who were sad to see their former favorite get replaced by this brand. One thing people have brought up too is the country of origin on these. You see, on the single packs, the closest thing I could find to a country of origin was from the HALAL seal being from Malaysia. People kept saying that they said ‘product of PRC.’ PRC is People’s Republic Of China. Well, this cup says that, so I have visual confirmation that these are manufactured in China. To me, this isn’t a big deal; a LOT of instant noodles are manufactured in China. However, many are incensed by this insofar that the product it replaced was made in the United States. I’m sure some other reasons have led to their anger about this, which I’m not sympathetic to.  But I can see their point on the made in the USA viewpoint. More importantly, they’ve been extremely critical of the flavor of these products being different, and have been downright disgusted by them. I won’t say any have been favorites of mine, but I haven’t found them as a range to be incredibly bad or worth of my bottom ten list. This being said, I have heard that 12 packs of the noodles around around $2 – which is pretty inexpensive. I wouldn’t expect filet mignon at under twenty cents per portion,. Anyways, I was able to contact the company that produces these and they’ve mentioned that they are going to be producing a reformulated version (aka a new recipe). So, I’ll of course try them when they debut and hopefully be able to do an interview with them when that time comes. If you’re wondering that since they’re made in China why the title up top says United States, this product isn’t for sale like this in China and specifically made for Walmart stores here. Let’s check out this one out – sounds tasty enough from the name. ...see full post

Great Set Of Ramen Bowls Over At Amazon

Great Set Of Ramen Bowls Over At Amazon

With what I do, I need bowls. I’m always hunting for new ones to use and change things up. Noodles, bowl, backdrop. Well, here’s a neat set I was sent that has everything you need. Four different colored bowls – which really fits my bill as I don’t want duplicate colors/patterns, so this is neat. Plus, using the regular Prime shipping it showed up in 2 days. If you’d like to get a set check it out here on Amazon! ...see full post