#553: Samyang 60 Ingredients Cup

Here’s a bit of a mystery sent to me by Nathan in Canada. So what’s this one? Well, the little icon up top gave it away as a Samyang variety, but all I can say is it’s 60 Ingredients. Let’s try it, and if you can read the cup and it’s called something more, please let me know in a comment!

I’m thinking there’s a good amount of the ingredients in here…

Lots of interesting bits and pieces – and a ton of fiery powder.

Click image to enlarge. Well, most of the bigger ingredients hid so here you are. The noodles are different; they’re chewy and spongy too. They’ve got a strange consistency that I’m not used to seeing in Samyang products. The broth is spicy of course – rarely do I review non-spicy Korean noodles; they just don’t make a lot of them. The veggies were interesting found quite a few bits of mushromo – more than I expected. Not a bad cup noodle but room for improvement. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8801073210134.

Feed you kids spicy noodles – builds character!


  1. The packaged version of this (not the cup version) is my *favourite* packaged ramen of them all!

    The soup broth has such a rich flavour!
    (Yeah, I’m Canadian too, if you couldn’t guess from my spelling..)

    I’m surprised this is so uncommon..
    (it’s not on the english version of their site..)

    This is great stuff.. less spicy than Shim Ramen, and the soup has way more character! The noodles themselves aren’t as good as Shim though.. Maybe this ‘tasty’ soup base, with their non-fried ramen (http://sometimesgoodfood.tistory.com/228) noodle would be the ultimate.

    1. Interesting… Yeah a guy from Canada sent me these and I found them to be interesting; especially since they didn’t say Samyang… Can’t wait to get some more Canadian instant noodles – it’s weird living only 80 miles from the border and just go over and all the instant noodle varieties are so much different!

      Thanks for the comment!

      – TRR

  2. Apparently the korean on the package says “Ramen with taste”, according to a comment on this video review of the packaged version of this product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceWmRHx9dXg

    The 60 ingredient thing sounds like a gimmick. How much could there possibly be of every ingredient? 0.0002%? Do they list them all? Id like to see the label on this one.

      1. Ok! After a little investigative work this is what I found – I first found the nutrition facts label on the korean samyang website, then I used online OCR software to convert the image of the label to editable korean characters, then used google translate to translate the whole thing and ended up with this:

        Nutrition is one of its analysis of Article ^ ^ 15 chimes
        The amount of a sugar content X Daily Value hoeje 공
        The amount of 영 475 ^ 31
        Carbohydrates 758 23 冗
        Sugars, 38
        Protein 108 17 ^ 5 – Now – Now
        Whether saturated fat, 30 冗 Room
        88 – Now 53 and
        Teuryeonseujibang 08 0018
        Eot 5% les Staten 各
        Sodium 1890 呢 95,
        Daily Value: 1 bayul standard cooking up a youngangsogijunchiye II 18112 100891 for cooking soup, Pohang), or 5 depending Rob 脚 390 8. (The Daily Value is bad: 2000 ^
        Weight: 1158, shipments Date: 2007 times
        ‘NOTE: The active ingredient sesame powder and beotageulrukan cheongga Tung
        ^ Jepungmokjing: 60 kinds of rich, fresh ingredients ‘delicious’ taste rayeon only premium collection. 1 ; 56 Wuqing the products for various health-oriented material, yet heartfelt eopkeun ^ 0 | cloud ilpung soup taste. Ingredient and the Place of Origin:
        ~ If soaekbun (U.S. ^ Australia). Starch. Jjamyu. Ten hangseongsomaekgeul 早, gwiribun, jeongjeyoung. Migameseuyu, chamkkaebunmil.
        Aekgiseu onions, cotton 样 cheonggaalkalrije (acidity regulator), guar gum. 8 ^ citric acid vitamins. Miyu-style green tea soup ~ jeongjeyoung, yangnyeomganjangbun, longevity base, sugar, matbeyiseuyeseu jomimatbun ^. Donyukpungyibunal. Geonpa, Jimmy reinforced six minutes. Yukgaejang spice powder. Gochubun. Sildanggeun. Spicy seasoning powder, bok, Rice, frozen drink I wave elevation. 3 rihuryeoyipyo decision geonbeuro anhydrous glucose. I hwakeumyangnyeombunmal, Jimmy flavor powder. Gongnakulaekgiseubunal. DIFF. Huchubun, kimchi pizza flavor powder. Chili powder to make such a database. Ppyeoyikeonhyangbunmal. Haengmatbunmal. Hyangmijungjinje.
        0 | unjomigochumatbun. Gochussigirom, mixed spice powder. Manotmatohil, papeurikachu saekyo eulreo 5! Five 2 | 3 sikeom Jean soaekbun ^ iil), defatted soybean-to-back), pork, and I 期 dogs). Milk. 9511 ^ a certain amount and origin ingredients: oats, five of the Haute-Bran 0.7% (U.S.), water-soluble beta-carotene, 2000 byeonghamyu)

        I’m really hoping the word “dogs” is a mistranslation….I wonder how desperately they needed to meet that 60 ingredient quota..

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