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#4236: MAMA Instant Dried Jade Noodles Duck Flavour – Thailand

#4236: MAMA Instant Dried Jade Noodles Duck Flavour - Thailand

Wanted to start this post by wishing Miles a happy 7th birthday! Spider Miles aka the Cheez-It king! Hope you have a happy one! He’s not ever awake yet as it’s barely 7am – got a lot of surprises in store! No instant noodle cooking for me today, buddy! Time to bake a cake! Wahooo!!! Still can’t believe he’s going into second grade! ...see full post

#4211: MAMA Pad Thai Meal Kit – Thailand

#4211: MAMA Pad Thai Meal Kit - Thailand

About seven years ago, I had the fortune to be invited to visit MAMA’s instant wheat and rice noodle factories in Thailand. It was so amazing; these places are so amazingly clean and full of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. By the time this is released, my guess is that my Definitive Guide To MAMA Tom Yum will be out. They’re celebrating their 50th year and that’s pretty darn cool. I’m really excited about it! Let’s check out this Pad Thai though – I’m guessing it will be quite good. ...see full post

MAMA 50th Anniversary Varieties

When I saw these came out, I emailed my contact at Thai President Foods about them. I have been planning to do a special definitive guide to their tom yum. I honestly thought that was what was in here, but nope! Oops! But hey – these are super special and I can’t wait to give them a try! What was really nice is when I mentioned it, they said that they would send some of the tom yum people buy over there for the definitive guide! Thank you! You’ll see that unboxing sometime soon, but for now, let’s check out these special varieties! ...see full post