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#3273: Hide-Chan Kani Miso Ramen – Japan

#3273: Hide-Chan Kani Miso Ramen - Japan

This one was in a Ramen Trunk subscription box.These boxes are full of extremely high end varieties that you’ll never find in the United States or anywhere outside Japan! Check out this link and use coupon code RAMENRATER20OFF for 20% off any single box or subscription!

Here’s what they had to say about this particular variety – “We just can’t get enough of Hokkaido’s miso ramen. We’re excited to bring you a special box from Bihoro, Hokkaido. This is a small town of only 20,000 people but they create an excellent crab ramen due to its proximity to the ocean and special wheat used in their noodles which is grown in this region.”

This is a miso whoe broth is based with boiled crab shell – sounds interesting – let’s give it a try!

Hide-Chan Kani Miso Ramen – Japan

#3273: Hide-Chan Kani Miso Ramen - Japan

Detail of the back of the box (click to enlarge). Contains crab and pork. To prepare, boil noodles 1~2 minutes. Seperately, heat 25-280ml water and stir in broth. Add noodles to bowl then add broth. Finally, enjoy!

One of the two servings of noodles.

A wet sachet of soup base (see inside on Instant Noodle Recipe Time below).

#3273: Hide-Chan Kani Miso Ramen - Japan

Finished (click to enlarge). Added surimi, egg, sansyo, spring onion, kizami shoga, sesame seeds, and Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts. Noodles came out very well and were aromatic while cooking. Broth has a red miso hit to it and a subtle crabbiness. Not a thick broth but a tasty one. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. JAN bar code 4978849325027.

Japanese Soul Cooking: Ramen, Tonkatsu, Tempura, and More from the Streets and Kitchens of Tokyo and Beyond

Watch me cook on Instant Noodle Recipe Time!

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso – Japan

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

This one was in a Ramen Trunk subscription box.These boxes are full of extremely high end varieties that you’ll never find in the United States or anywhere outside Japan! Check out this link and use coupon code RAMENRATER20OFF for 20% off any single box or subscription!

Here’s what they had to say about this particular variety – “Ebisoba Ichigen  is a ramen restaurant originally founded in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. Due to their very distinct taste and their success they have even expanded to Tokyo opening 2 shops in the capital city.

Ebisoba Ichigen’s unique feature and taste can be attributed to its use of shrimp broth into their soup base. The shrimp broth is delicately boiled with some of the freshest Hokkaido shrimp (including the heads!), to create this flavor which is highly sought after and truly one of a kind. This combination creates a very rich and savory broth with a hint of sweetness fro the shrimps. This box is the miso based broth perfectly combined with the shrimp flavor.

This is truly a ramen you don’t want to miss. Oftentimes some patrons believe the shrimp flavor to be too strong but the chefs have perfected the shrimp flavors in the pursuit of the perfect seafood broth.”

Wow – so this sounds really fancy – I’m enthused as I love shrimp – let’s see what we have!

Ebisoba Miso Ichigen – Japan

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Contains shrimp and probably pork. To prepare, boil noodles in a large pot. Cook noodles for 3~4 minutes. Add soup base to 300!350cc boiling water and dissolve. add noodles and broth to a bowl. add in shrimp oil sachet. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

One of two servings of noodles.

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

A wet sachet.

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

Thick miso soup base.

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

A second wet sachet.

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

Shrimp oil.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added soft egg, spring onion, shichimi togarashi, kizami shoga, chashu pork, sesame seeds, and Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts. Holy crap this is delicious. Okay, so the noodles have an excellent chewiness and a great gauge – probably the thickest ramen I’ve had that hasn’t been considered udon. The broth has a tasty miso flavor – rich and deep. But that shrimp oil is just showy and giving; it’s like Warren Buffet at an orphanage giving. IT’s tasty – makes everything taste like an umami bomb made of prawns just was detonated in your mouth. Loved this and actually ate the whole thing. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.JAN bar code 4533446001059.

#3227: Ebisoba Ichigen Miso - Japan

Ramen Noodle Recipes from Japan: The Most Famous 30 Ramen Noodle Recipes

Watch me cook on Instant Noodle Recipe Time!

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

This list usually comes out in January but there was an accident. Basically, I deleted the video I recorded back then! I redid the video earlier this month and so here we are. This list is current as of review number 3058. These are based solely on my personal taste and opinion. Some folks don’t like that and I was recently lectured that a company didn’t want to send samples because they were afraid I might not like their product and that I couldn’t be persuaded to give on company a better review over another. This made me proud I’m doing my job right. Let’s check the top ten Japanese list!

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 Edition

Video Presentation

The video showcasing The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles up to review #3058.

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 Edition

#10: Nissin Cup Noodle Light+ Bagna Cauda

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

The Cup Noodle Light+ series has really impressed me; amazing how much flavor you get out of a low-cal cup. The noodles have a really nice quality to them – not mushy or anything; they’re just really good. The broth is saucy and hearty with a cheese and light fish taste which is augmented with vegetables galore. This is on the top ten cups list and now on the top ten japanese list. Original review

#9: Sapporo Ichiban Otafuku Okonomi Sauce Yakisoba

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

I’ve always really loved yakisoba and this is the best I’ve found in an instant form yet. Otofuku is a brand of yakisoba sauce that can be found almost anywhere, and it’s inclusion in this one is just perfection. What’s more, the noodles are garnished with green laver (flaked seaweed) and a little mayonnaise packet! Original review

#8: New Touch Sugomen Niigata Seabura Shoyu Ramen

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

The noodles hydrated very well and have one seriously good chew to them. The broth is equally amazing – a purely elegant shoyu broth with a good oiliness and great flavor. The vegetable bits hydrated very well and were of excellent quality. To top it off, it comes with a happy little slice of pork, which comes out just right. Original review

#7: Myojo Charumera Shio RamenTop Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

Shio translates to salt, although shio ramen varieties aren’t simply water flavored with salt. Often they have a slightly lighter broth than many other styles of ramen with a very tasty finish. This one was particularly interesting as it has a great amount of inclusions and an excellent noodle, along with a savory broth. Original review

#6: Itomen Bansyu Ramen

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

This one was memorable in it’s combination of a very soft (but not mushy) noodle and a broth which was like a sweet shoyu. It works incredibly well. Original review

#5: Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

The noodles came out just right – nice firmness and chew with that groovy flouriness Hakata ramen noodle have. The broth is luxuriant – nice and thick with a rich pork flavor and garlic taste. Just top notch tonkotsu. Original review

#4: Seven & I Gold Sumire Ramen

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

The noodles are thick and chewy – very premium. The broth has a very rich miso flavor that had a little thickness and a nice oiliness. The vegetables and bits hydrated perfectly – nice bits of ground meat and menma float happily about and are of good quality. Original review

#3: Itsuki Kumamoto Mokkosu Ramen

Top Ten Japanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2019 by The Ramen Rater

Noodle had a sturdy chew and nice gauge – came out superbly. Broth had a very good thickness to it and a balanced creaminess and a little spiciness to compliment the pork bone flavor.  Original review

#2: Nissin Cup Nooldes Nice Pork Shoyu (New Version)

#2: Nissin Cup Nooldes Nice Pork Shoyu (New Version)

Much like the Light+ range, these Nice Cup Noodle offerings use a lower calorie noodle. Add to that they are full of flavor and seem to bend the laws of nature but making this only 176 calories. It’s pretty amazing and quite delicious. Original review

#1: Nissin Gyoretsu-no-Dekiru-Mise-no-Ramen (Shrimp Tantanmen

#1: Nissin Gyoretsu-no-Dekiru-Mise-no-Ramen (Shrimp Tantanmen

Talk about amazing. Now, on most of these bowls, you’ll notice I’ve added my own garnishes. I don’t count them in my reviewing – everything is reviewed prior to any additions I make. This is one where I’ve added nothing and just look at it! This one had very good noodles to start off. The broth was a very thick prawn infused decadent flavor spectacle. Then there’s the little crunchy topping and the other garnish they provide and this is just amazing stuff. Wow. Floored. The top of the Top Ten Japanese varieties Original review

What’s New

Instant Noodle Recipe Time

Instant Noodle Recipe Time

In the last year, I’ve decided to start doing videos for each on of my reviews and as of April 3rd, I’ve done 295 episodes. You can watch me cook and garnish everything as I sit at my stove. People have commented ‘why do you sit?’ Well, it’s a lot easier to record the show that way. Why do you wear sunglasses all the time? I’m legally blind and light sensitive. I answer a lot of questions about what I do from reader questions as well as talk about what I’m up to and give opinions and chatter about anything that crosses my mind. The show comes out every single day at 2pm Seattle time. Check out the show here.

The Chocolate Break

The Chocolate Break

What began as something to try once has become a project my wife Kit and I do regularly. The Chocolate Break is where we try chocolate from around the world – and give our opinions on them. I’m proud to announce that is up and has rundowns of every single episode! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Big Changes For Me

Diet and exercise update

Some of you have been noticing I’ve been losing weight – thank you! In fact I’ve been working hard on that. Reviews I do are usually involving me eating maybe 5% of a bowl of noodles, if that. Everything else goes down the drain.

I keep my regime to around 1200~1500 calories a day. I’ve also been doing a lot of walking with my daughter Miriam. With her stroller decked out with lots of lights and a really loud speaker (I usually play a lot of Primus, Herbie Hancock and Tobacco), we walk all over town. My feet hurt, too! If you put together our walking from April 1st and April 2nd, it comes to 21.12 miles (33.989km)! No, that is NOT a typo. My doctor told me I had high cholesterol back in October and I decided to make some changes. As of April 26th, I’ve lost a total of 65 pounds and cholesterol is great, blood pressure is great!

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo’s Braised Pork Flavour

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

I got this one by way of Colin from Massachusetts – thanks again! Dongpo pork? Wikipedia had this to say:

Dongpo pork (traditional Chinese: 東坡肉; simplified Chinese: 东坡肉; pinyin: dōngpōròu) is a Hangzhou dish[1] which is made by pan-frying and then red cooking pork belly. The pork is cut thick, about 2 inches square, and should consist equally of fat and lean meat. The skin is left on. The mouthfeel is oily but not greasy and the dish is fragrant with wine. The dish is named after the famed Song Dynasty poet and gastronome Su Dongpo.[2]

Legend has it that during Su Dongpo‘s life of poverty during his banishment to Hangzhou, he improved on the traditional process. He first braised the pork, added huangjiu (yellow wine) to make red-braised pork, then slowly stewed it on low heat. In their scholarly work Chinese Gastronomy, Lin Hsiang Ju and Lin Tsuifeng give the recipe “The Fragrance of Pork: Tungpo Pork,” and remark that the “square of fat is named after Su Tungpo, the poet, for unknown reasons. Perhaps it is just because he would have liked it.”[3]

Dongpo Pork experienced three phases of popularity, from first appearance to mainstream appreciation. The history of the dish is said to parallel the experiences of Su Dongpo: from Xuzhou, a northern city of Jiangsu province, where Dongpo pork first appeared under the name of Huizeng pork; to Huangzhou, today Huanggang of Hubei province, where Su Dongpo finalized the method and recipe; and finally to Hangzhou, where Dongpo pork was officially named and became widely known across China.

Interesting – this Dongpo’s flavor definitely has some history to it. So let’s get to it and give it a try!

Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo’s Braised Pork Flavour – Hong Kong

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add package contents to 500ml boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Stir and enjoy! NOTE: this is the method I’ve used for pretty much all of the Master Kong/Kang Shi Fu variants as the package never have instructions for a cooking method; not even this one in English.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

The noodle block.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

The powder base sachet.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

A granular concoction.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

A vegetable sachet.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

Lots of little bits of greenery.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

A paste sachet.

#2436: Kang Shi Fu Artificial Dongpo's Braised Pork Flavour - Hong Kong - The Ramen Rater - Instant Noodles

A thick and oily paste.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added Spring onion, boiled pork and Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts. The noodles are of a standard gauge and soft. Indeed, the quantity is decent and they are fitting for the broth. The broth is an oily and tasty reddish color, much like Dongpo Pork. The broth has a good oiliness to it. Moreover, the flavor has elements such as a spiced taste, perhaps from star anise. Vinegar note are there as well. The included bits of vegetable are prevalent and hydrate well. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars.  EAN bar code 6166391002734.

Biography of Su Dongpo – Latest Revision- hard-cover classic (Chinese Edition)

A video about cooking Domgpo ‘s pork.

APRIL FOOLS! After Almost 15 Years, The Ramen Rater Is Retiring



I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been a part of The Ramen Rater over the past years. Without you, the site wouldn’t be what it has become; a community of people from around the world sharing one common interest: the instant noodle. 

I want to share my vision for the next step. First, The Ramen Rater website will continue to be online, but no further instant noodle reviews will be published after review #2000. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but one that I feel is the right thing to do. I have a deep passion for another kind of product. Aside from my family, the proudest achievement I have accomplished has been The Ramen Rater. However, the next step will begin shortly, and I hope will exceed what I have been able to do with The Ramen Rater.

Desiccant is an indispensable item; it keeps the shoes we buy free of moisture. It keeps the vitamins we buy free of moisture. In fact, countless thousands of items come with these amazing miracles of science.

Instead of telling you of the amazing shift in my focus, let me give you a taste.

New posts will start to roll out April 14th over at I and my family are excited and can’t wait to see how the site is received. Again, thank you for enjoying The Ramen Rater blog – but it is time for me to change hats once again.

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Vit’s Noodles

Got a box from Malaysia today!

I always look at the packing material – it was all paper from a tradeshow in Tahiland called ThaiFex, and from a Hong Kong show called HOFEX.

Chicken, curry, Tom Yum and Mi Goreng Pedas!

Vit’s new Taste of Malaysia instant fried noodle lines – Penang White Curry, Hokkien Mee and Asam Laksa!

They also have the Taste of Malaysia line in 2 packs that have fresh ramen pouches! Thanks – looking forward to reviewing everything in the next two weeks!

#1818: Sugakiya Foods Nara Tenri Shoyu Ramen

Here’s another one that was sent to me by Javier over at Box From Japan – thanks! Box From Japan is a subscription service – you can get a box sent to you every month with some great noodles within! This one says got Chinese cabbage with a sweet soup and a deep flavor which is from something called ‘rajan,’ a strong and spicy red pepper seasoning fermented with rice koji. Let’s check it out!

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Not sure whether it contains meat or not. To prepare, add in vegetables sachet and add boiling water to fill line. Cover for 4 minutes, using liquid sachet to keep closed. Add in liquid sachet and stir. Enjoy!

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

The noodle block.

The liquid soup base.

A lot of liquid.

The vegetable sachet.

Probably one of the most diverse and high quantity vegetable sachets in a bowl I’ve seen.

Finished. The noodles were very good in this one – good chew and seemed a little heavier – hearty fare. The broth was a shoyu for sure – not too shoyu which was nice, and a good color and oiliness. The vegetables really highlighted this one – and very ample portion. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. JAN bar code 4901677080950.

The Noodle Narratives: The Global Rise of an Industrial Food into the Twenty-First Century – If you read this book, you will be ultra stoked – if you find instant noodles interesting, that is!

A Sugakiya Yakiudon TV commercial.

The Ramen Rater’s Trip to Malaysia: Day 5 – Monkeys & Whistles

Day 1 * Day 2Day 3 * Day 4 * Day 5 * Day 6

Just like all the days previous, our fifth and final full day in Malaysia was full of new discoveries and wondrous things to behold. Here we go!

We really partied up last night! Oh my head! A nice breakfast took care of that, though. They had lots of buffet style foods in the resort – curries, mee goreng, hash browns as well.

Kit took this picture of me on the little balcony. I tried to do a post to the site from my cellphone, but the WordPress app was acting really unhappily. Ah well.

I noticed this up in the corner of our room as we were collecting our things for check out. Just like the drawers in Penang’s Eastin Hotel, here is a guide for direction to pray.

Thomas took us to a place called Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park! It’s kind of like a zoo, but centered mainly on avian life. Upon entering, they ask if you want to hold one of the big birds and then take your picture, which you can purchase at the end of the tour. Kit, ever brave, was totally up for holding one of them. I hoever am kind of terrified of birds. I figured though hey – I’m in an exotic place with exotic birds – I’ll give it a try. The macaw didn’t bite my nose off which was cool – they can bust open Brazil nuts with their beaks, so I figured if it had wanted to, I could’ve been coming home without a nose.

It’s a neat place – you can feed the birds out of your palm!

After the macaw, I felt a little less afraid of birds. When the docent asked it we’d like to have some seed, we said yes. almost instantaneously, all these parakeets just swooped down and started chowing! What was neat was how light they were – gentle too.

These guys were great. They’d follow you around waiting for a snack.

A White Raccoon. I think he put up the sign himself!

The vegetation here was so thick. Leaves so broad and full of moisture – seems like that’s the way everything is here.

Quite possibly the most wonderful signage I’ve ever seen.

The side of his tail reminded me of tire treads.

This one’s been unhappy since the sign went up. I think he really was hoping for a baby today.

Whereas I was freaked out of the Macaw, Kit really didn’t like this guy. He was probably around 5 or so feet tall.

The little plaque says that the characters say ‘smooth sailing the whole way.’

I think this is runner up for the greatest signage ever.

I got to feed peanuts to this little Macaque! It was a strange sensation for him to take them. He was very delicate and gentle. What was weird is how tiny his hands were with fine motor function but the size of a small baby’s.

Time to head into town. We stopped at the gas station (petrol I mean) to put some air in the tires. Now this sign isn’t saying what you might think it is! Behind the gauge, the whole thing says ‘angin dan air.’ As it turns out, ‘angine’ means air. ‘Air’ is pronounced like ah-yier and actually means water. So air is water.

Next stop was the Wan Thai Lankawi Restaurant.

It was great timing too – it started just pounding rain outside when we got in there!

It’s a really neat place – the detail work all throughout the place is really quite spectacular.

They had quite a few kinds of juice – this is watermelon juice. Kit tried the pineapple and Thomas got orange.

The real test of a restaurant aren’t it adornments but it’s food.

I don’t remember what these first two dishes were, although I think this might be fish.

Barbecued chicken wrapped in leaves.

A really great chicken dish; it’s like slow cooked chicken with heat and spices.

Oh wow.

Let me say that again – oh wow! So this is tom yum soup served in a coconut. Not only that, it was the absolutely best tom yum I’ve ever tried. What’s great was that there were sliced of coconut that were cooked in with it – not little bits but large sliced that were so good. This is definitely special.

Pineapple fried rice in a pineapple!

Kit and I have been going to a great Thai place nearby us and have this on their menu. It’s Mango Sticky Rice. Only thing is we never have been able to try it because It’s out of season there. Here I’m guessing mango is always in season. The mango is so good – better than any I’ve had in the United States; just as sweet and succulent as imaginable. It went great with the rice.

That was just excellent! Table crushed!

We hit Old Town White Coffee after getting closer to the airport. I thought this was interesting; their ‘Western Platter.’ Fried egg, toast with some kiind of meat, baked beans, chicken sausages and french fries.

I got some of the MyKuali cooking pastes a while back and one of them I really liked was their Hainanese Chicken Rice paste. This was the Old Town chicken rice and it wasn’t all that great in comparison to be honest. I was expecting a kind of chicken and lemongrass thing, but I think maybe the rice was cooked with chicken broth.

But their shave ice was really good!

We liked this Cendol best – had a great grown sugar taste.

Another table dirtied nicely!

Before our trip, Kit was a little pensive about the restroom situation. All we have here in the United States are sitting toilets. In the rest of the world, that’s not always the case; there are also squatting toilets. Think about it; the toilet we’re used to here didn’t exist until fairly recently in the grand scheme of things, and squatting was the way you’d naturally go. I used the restroom next to Old Town White coffee. This one cost 1RM (about 33 cents USD). You give the guy 1RM and he give you a little packet of tissues. I would venture  to say that it was the cleanest public restroom I’ve ever occupied. Way cleaner than any I’ve seen in the US.

During the whole trip, Thomas has Fly FM radio playing in the van. Every once in a while, a public service message would come on saying squats belong in the gym, not where sitting toilets are.

Back to Langkawi airport to wait for our flight back to Penang.

Was nice to take a load off and chillax for a bit.

We peeked in the snack shop and saw these! Salt & Seaweed Pringles! Doubt we’ll see them in the US but you never know!

Time to walk out and board the plane.

I took this pic of the propeller plane and then a whistle blew – they yelled no cameras on the airfield! I yelled ‘I’m sorry’ and scurried onto the plane.

Hey would you look at that – on the left side you can see instant noodle cups! 10RM for a Mamee Chef Tom Yum cup with a 2 finger of Kit Kat! Not a bad deal. Again the flight was only about 35 minutes, so no time for anything like that. When we got back to Penang, we checked back in to the Eastin Penang for the last night and had some time in our room before going to dinner.

The rain was just coming down in Penang. Not only that, it was a big traffic jam all the way to the restaurant. Saw lots of the motorbikers just getting absolutely soaked.

We had dinner at Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine in Georgetown. Nyonya is a fusion of Chinese and Malay. This restaurant was beautiful; really high ceilings and elegant decor.

A trio of sauces on a Lazy Susan.

There were a lot of dishes that I was completely unfamiliar with a don’t exactly remember what they are. They were quite good though! I have to admit, this being the fifth day of trying so many new things had my brain a little frazzled.

A noodle dish.

Prawn chips atop prawns. I remember buying these one time – they come in a little bag and are extremely hard; when uncooked. You take the little chips and fry them in oil and they just puff up. Everyone thought it was funny that I’d tried them raw!

I believe these were tofu – and I remember I loved this.

Now this I remember – it was a cold jellyfish dish and was really good. It has a kind of acidic vinegar lemon thing going on. Kind of a refreshing flavor.

These are known as ‘Smelly Beans.’ I was hoping that didn’t mean my wife wife was going to kick me out of bed tonight! They were really good just like most everything else during the meal.

Dessert! A bean pudding like one on the left and I believe a barley based one on the right with strong flavors of brown sugar.

A little cream on top.

After dinner, we all took a picture together. I feel honored to meet all of these great people – so sad to be leaving. This was also the last time we got to hang out with Thomas before we left. He was a great guide and a good friend to us. Bottoms up, bottoms down my friend!

At the hotel, we decided to have a little dessert. Then up to our room for some shuteye before our departure tomorrow.

Goodnight to vibrant Penang; tomorrow we bid you farewell.

Friday Video: Viral Confusion – Instant Ramen Vs Fresh Ramen

So this week there have been a myriad of articles coming out; Eater, HuffPost, TV news websites… All showing this video and headlines like “Stop What You’re Doing: This Is How Ramen Noodles Are Made.”

What I found interesting is that the article that would accompany was all about instant noodles. Sun Noodle makes fresh noodles. In fact, many popular ramen restaurants love their product and use it for their offerings. The video above shows how that kind of ramen is made.

A yeah or so ago, I had the fortune to visit Portland Oregon’s wheat Marketing Center. They held a special workshop for food scientists, and one day was devoted to instant noodles. I was allowed to make this video. The process is very much like the one at Sun Noodle except for the final part. Anyways, happy Friday and enjoy!

The Ramen Rater Top Ten In Courrier Japon Magazine

I got an email a few weeks back from a fellow named Hikaru T. from Courrier Japon magazin. He was interested in doing an article about my Top Ten list and asked if that’d be alright. I usually ask for a couple copies of the finished product and some cool instant noodle from the country where the magazine is. Well, he said okay and so here is the box that arrived today!

Coffee cans? Hmmm… Back to those in a moment.

Wow – neat looking magazines!

Hey look! I like the caption!

Nope – those weren’t coffee cans – they’re canned instant noodles! Yes! I read about these last year – here‘s an article. Thanks to Hikaru and everyone at Courrier Japon!