Friday Video: Viral Confusion – Instant Ramen Vs Fresh Ramen

So this week there have been a myriad of articles coming out; Eater, HuffPost, TV news websites… All showing this video and headlines like “Stop What You’re Doing: This Is How Ramen Noodles Are Made.”

What I found interesting is that the article that would accompany was all about instant noodles. Sun Noodle makes fresh noodles. In fact, many popular ramen restaurants love their product and use it for their offerings. The video above shows how that kind of ramen is made.

A yeah or so ago, I had the fortune to visit Portland Oregon’s wheat Marketing Center. They held a special workshop for food scientists, and one day was devoted to instant noodles. I was allowed to make this video. The process is very much like the one at Sun Noodle except for the final part. Anyways, happy Friday and enjoy!

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