Stuffed Shin Black Bread!

I know you’re wondering ‘why does he do these things?’ I pose the opposite question – ‘why don’t you do these things?’ I’ll be honest – I’m playing with food. It’s something different to try. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but I’m finding many times it does work and it works pretty well! Let’s make some stuffed bread with a popular variety!

Stuffed Shin Black Bread!

Watch and see – it’s a lot of fun to see what happend!


I made the dough in my trusty bread machine – around 4 cups flour, around a cup of water, a little oil, 2 tbsp sugar or so. I added a pinch of salt and some soy sauce – I thought it would make the bread itself a little more savory, however the amount I used really didn’t make much difference. The filling? Boiled a block of Shin Black and drained it. Added to a bed of thin sliced scallion, added in a handful of cheddar cheese, and a glob of alfredo. Of course I added all the Shin Black sachets as well. Baked at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added scallion, sesame seed, some fresh vegetables, a fried egg, ran the blowtorch on the bread, and a little mayonnaise. This was interesting – the noodle mixture seemed to take on a mind of its own – on one hand trying to burst out of the loaf, on another hanging out at the edges. It tasted like Shin Black with a little cheese and alfredo notes and then a scallion punch. It wasn’t bad, but I would recommend maybe doing 40 minutes. The moisture made sections of the bread too moist, and the inside didn’t get done enough on some slices.

Here’s a side shot of the finished product (click to enlarge).

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