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#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon – Japan

#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon - Japan

Here’s one from the December 2019 Umai Crate! Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box you can get from Japan with all sorts of noodles and Japanese things inside. Should check ’em out and if you get one or a subscription, use coupon code THERAMENRATER at checkout for a discount! ...see full post

#3459: Samyang Foods Buldak Meat Spaghetti – South Korea

#3554: Samyang Foods Buldak Meat Spaghetti - South Korea

Well, Merry Christmas! Hochi has her Santa hat on for this one. Meat spaghetti, huh? Sounds interesting. Christmas is over, but they must have had some leftovers – got these last week and thought hey – maybe some burning would do me good. Let’s give this new variety a try! ...see full post

#3458: Maruchan Chikara Mochi Udon – Japan

#3458: Maruchan Chikara Mochi Udon - Japan

Here we have one from Japan sent by Zenpop. Zenpop does a few different kinds of subscription boxes you can get and they’re pretty neat! Use coupon code RAMENRATER for a discount at checkout! ...see full post

Daisho Ramen Samples Sent By Exotic Noods

My buddy Daniel over at www.exoticnoods.com asked if I’d like to review a variety he got some samples of and of course you know my answer! So, he sent some and here they are! Thanks! By the way – check out www.exoticnoods.com and use coupon ode RAMENRATER15 for a 15% discount! ...see full post

#3453: Seven & i Premium Curry Ramen – Japan

#3453: Seven & i Premium Curry Ramen - Japan

Here’s another one kindly sent by Alexander from Hong Kong – dude thanks! So these are cool – I really like convenience store tie-in ramen. This one is a little bit of a mystery; usually they’ll be by Nissin or another brand and it’s easy to tell. This one, not so much. But that’s mainly for identification purposes. This is definitely 7-Eleven either way, whomever is private labeling it for them. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#3452: Paldo Teumsae (9,413SHU) – Japan

#3452: Paldo Teumsae (9,413SHU) - Japan

Okay so recently I reviewed and mukbang-ified the Paldo Teumsae version that was sold in South Korea. This time around it’s the same SHU on the package but most certainly for Japan. Let’s see how i rates! ...see full post