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Myojo USA Sends Fresh Ramen & Yakisoba Samples

Myojo USA Sends Fresh Ramen & Yakisoba Samples

I met the folks at Myojo USA a while back and got the chance to try their wonderful products. I saw there was some new packaging for a couple varieties I’d not tried on Instagram and so reached out. They sent samples of those as well as a few other varieties I’ve not tried before – let’s check them out and thank you very much! ...see full post

Mom’s Dry Noodle Sends Mind Blowing Spicy Crackers!

Mom's Dry Noodle Sends Mind Blowing Spicy Crackers!

I regularly receive samples of new noodles from the folks over at Mom’s Dry Noodle in Taiwan. I got to try these a while back as part of a shipment of noodles. I thought I’d give them a try and I was just floored. These things are good! The cracker is light almost like pastry, with baked on cheese, a little tasty onion flavor, and a bit of Sichuan pepper which is a gentle nudge – unless you eat a few and then builds to a little shove! These things are awesome – check ’em out and get some! ...see full post

The Fat Hipster Sends Fiery & Healthy Varieties

The Fat Hipster Sends Fiery & Healthy Varieties

My buddy The Fat Hipster is a fellow YouTube Creator and you should check out his channel. He does taste tests and reviews of a lot of different thing – spicy noodles, chips, drinks – it’s pretty wide open and if it’s new, he’s on it. He saw that I was low on varieties to review and kindly decided to help out by sending some varieties – let’s check them out and a big thanks to you , sir! ...see full post

Nishiyama Seimen of Sapporo, Japan sends Samples

I was recently in touch with a company called Nishiyama Seimen of Sapporo, Japan. They make a wide variety of fresh ramen and since I don’t get a lot of samples from Japan directly from companies, I thought I’d see if they wanted to do a Meet The Manufacturer review series – and they did! Check out what they sent and learn a little about the company! ...see full post


For almost 20 years, The Ramen Rater (www.theramenrater.com) has been reviewing instant noodles from around the globe. Unfortunately, that has come to an abrupt standstill. I’ve run out of instant noodles to review. Local stores have nothing new for me. So today, I’m asking if some of you would be kind enough to send me some varieties you may have locally that I’ve not reviewed. I will add your name to reviews (I can leave it anonymous, should you choose). ...see full post