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#3861: Wai Wai Quick Chicken Pizza Flavored Instant Noodle – Serbia

#3785: Wai Wai Quick Chicken Pizza Flavored Instant Noodle - Serbia

A long time ago, I went to JD’s Market in Lynnwood, WA. I found a few neat things, including pizza instant noodles from Pakistan! Well, I just realized years later on a recent trip (like a few weeks ago), I picked up a pack whose flavor is chicken pizza! It’s a wellspring of unique pizza flavor in the instant noodle way. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#3854: Wai Wai Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavored – Serbia

#3854: Wai Wai Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavored - Serbia

What a weird day it’s been – let alone week. So a friend had a Facebook group that went from 200 members  up to 39,000 in 5 months. He didn’t have the time to administer the group and asked if I wanted it. Nobody’s ever handed me 39,000 people to govern before. So I said yes. The group keeps growing, and today it hit 50,000 members! That’s a decent sized city! He offered Thursday and this is Monday. I wonder if it will keep growing… I guess we’ll see! If you want to join, it’s here. ...see full post

#3764: Wai Wai Quick Instant Noodles Chicken Curry Flavour – Serbia

#3764: Wai Wai Quick Instant Noodles Chicken Curry Flavour - Serbia

What a lovely surprise! I went to JR’s Market over in Lynnwood, WA when we were out getting Halloween costumes for the kids (it’s across the parking lot from the Halloween store) and found this and quite a few more varieties. I figured this was from Nepal as it’s a Chaudhary Group noodle, but after examining this one it’s from CG Europe – from Serbia! So this is another country I’ve not reviewed anything from, which is pretty neat! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Thai Instant Noodles Of All Time 2016 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Thai Instant Noodles Of All Time 2016 Edition

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Thai Instant Noodles Of All Time 2016 Edition really has been a long time coming. After trying over 150 different Thai instant noodles throughout the years, I thought it was about time for a Top Ten Thailand list. If there is one thing that is ubiquitous when Thailand is mentioned, it’s tom yum – whose flavors figure strongly in this list. So print out a copy and run to your local Asian grocery and get some tasty Thai noodles! Hopefully there will be a 2017 edition of Top Ten Thai Instant Noodles as well – if you are an instant noodle manufacturer in Thailand, please contact me about doing a spotlight of your products! Also, I’ve decided that I will be sharing the add-ons I use in each variety here – note that all tasting/reviewing is done PRIOR to anything being added out of fairness. Hope you enjoy the first ever The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Thai Instant Noodles Of All Time 2016 Edition. ...see full post

#1807: Wai Wai Tom Yum Goong Flavour Instant Noodle

Here’s one I found at the 7-11 next to our hotel when we visit Thai President Foods in Bangkok back in May! I think the first time I tried a tom yum flavored instant, I didn’t like it. Through the years, I’ve gained a serious love for the flavor – the chilli, the shrimp, the lemongrass. It all comes together so well and the place where I had some of the best of course was in Thailand. Really hope to return someday with my sons and have them try all the amazing foods there! Anyways, let’s check out this cup! ...see full post

#1797: Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

Here’s another one my sister got for me while up in Canada a couple of weeks ago! Thanks, Sue! I’ve been really hoping to try more rice vermicelli lately but been having trouble sourcing any from around here and hoping to find some manufacturer who might want me to review some of their stuff! The top ten rice noodles list this year was a lot of fun and definitely want to make it a yearly kind of thing! Anyways, let’s check out these crab flavored noodles from Thailand! ...see full post

#1537: Wai Wai Quick Zabb Chili Paste Tom Yum Flavor Instant Noodles

Here’s one sent to me by Marvin R. – thanks again! This was one of a series I’ve been looking for for a long time. I kept seeing them online, but only looked to be available in Thailand. These are now available here in the USA and the last one I had (tom yum shrimp) was pretty good. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1492: Wai Wai Quick Zabb Tom Yum Shrimp Flavour Instant Noodles

Usually if I’m really trying to get my hands on some noodles to review, I’m going to find a way. There have been a couple though which have eluded me for a while. This is one of them – Wai Wai’s Quick Zabb. There are four of these varieties, all with a different main color and different character. They’re kind of like Powerpuff Girls, but a little meaner looking. I’m stoked – got all four at a store only 5 minutes away yesterday! Sometimes walking down that noodle aisle you’ve been down a million times before with no luck pays off. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#944: Wai Wai Brand Oriental Style Instant Noodles (Dry Version)

I reviewed this one years back – in the first 50 reviews. Back then I reviewed it as a soup. Recently, it was brought to my attention that these could be made in a different way – drained. Sure enough, on the back of the package are instructions on how to make them this way. I have deemed this worthy of a new review! Here we go. ...see full post

#123: Wai Wai Minced Pork Soeng Kreung Flavor Instant Noodle

Wai Wai? Because because I’m done with folding laundry and it’s lunch. So I’m making some of this stuff. By the way – notice that little dude on the packaging? Apparently there’s a celebrity chef in Thailand called McDang and he has a kind of guide to the best stuff. So this stuff is supposedly good according to McDang. ...see full post

#535: Wai Wai Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour Oriental Style Instant Noodle

So here are Wai Wai instant chicken flavor noodles. Hmm.

I really liked the packaging of the sachets. The ‘essence’ was interesting to be sure. The chili packet wasn’t used as my 5 year old had this bowl of noodles but i opened it and tried them. Spicy sun peppers – nothing shocking. Then, a blue packet with oil. ...see full post

#87: Wai Wai Tom Yum Shrimp Cream Soup Flavour Instant Noodles

So here we go with some Wai Wai. This stuff is made in Thailand and the noodles can be eaten straight out of the bag like a bag of chips. This was a much smaller package than usually seen here on In fact, the directions call for a mere 1 1/3 cups of water [320cc] instead of the usual 2 to 2 1/2 cups. ...see full post