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#4427: Homiah Malaysian Red Curry / Laksa Noodle – United States

#4427: Homiah Malaysian Rec Curry / Laksa Noodle - United States

I was contacted recently by a woman named Michelle over at www.homiah.com – a website specializing in the flavors of Indonesia, singapore, and Malaysia. She asked if I’d like to try some of their products and of course I’m all in on that. So this is the first of three reviews I’ll be doing – stay tuned for the other two. The products are gluten free and as I’m writing this after trying this red curry, so far so very good. Let’s cook some red curry! ...see full post

#4424: Dongwon Spicy Topokki With Rose Sauce – South Korea

#4424: Dongwon Dpicy Topokki With Rose Sauce - South Korea

I thought this one was a combo tteokbokki and noodle like the other one I reviewed a little while ago but that isn’t the case. Rose is when you have a carbonara and a spicy tteokbokki sauce mixed together – spicy and creamy. I couldn’t just let it be so I made it and it’s freaking good – here you go. ...see full post

ZenPlus Has Great Products From Japan!

ZenPlus Has Great Products From Japan!

I’m sure you’ve seen the unboxings I’ve done of Zenpop.jp boxes. There’s also Zenmarket who helps source specific items from Japan to buyers abroad. Here, we have ZenPlus – a special market place of companies shipping products from Japan. I was contacted by them and the asked if I’d pick something to show – and it’s pretty neat – a special Ippudo box! You can find them here! Let’s have a look! ...see full post

Zenpop.jp Japanese Snack Box Taste Test March 2023

Zenpop.jp Japanese Snack Box Taste Tesh March 2023

It’s time to unbox a Zenpop.jp box – this is a new one. I usually do unboxing of their ramen boxes – which I will still be doing. However, they’re also sending me their new snack boxes which have a noodle variety, and then a ton of candy and snacks. What’s cool is I’ll be not only doing the unboxing, but inline with it will be a taste test with my daughter Mimi. Great as a gift or to hoard for yourself! Use coupon code THERAMENRATER for a groovy discount! Let’s check it out! ...see full post