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The Ramen Rater Diet: How I Lost 56lbs in 92 days

I’m sure you’re a little confused, so here goes. I was told by my doctor back in 2018 that I needed to lose weight – I was at 364lbs and looking at pre-diabetes and going on a statin drug as well. So, I got a stroller and started pushing my daughter around a lot and limited intake. In six month, I’d lost around 60 pounds. I ended up down to 200 pounds in the next year which was pretty good. Well, In 2021 my mom died and early the next year I got COVID and ended up in the ICU. I gained 88 pounds back – definitely not what was on the menu but it happened. In early March, I saw my doc and he said I was back at 288lbs and said to lose weight again. I modified the diet I had done back in 2018. The next visit was in June and I’d lost 56 pounds which is an average of 0.6 pounds per day for 92 days. ...see full post

#4048: Kailo Brand Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour – China

#4048: Kailo Brand Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour - China

Here’s one that came from an Exotic Noods subscription box! Use coupon code THERAMENRATER for a discount. I haven’t had anything by this brand in probably a decade – but I remember I liked this brand’s products. I remember that, but I don’t know where my keys are at the moment. Fascinating. Well, let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#3988: Uncle Fun Hai Nan Fen – China

#3926: Uncle Fun Hai Nan Fen - China

An apron, glasses, and a sunny demeanor. Yes, this is Uncle Fun. Fun? Foon? I’m guessing it’s pronounced Foon. When I opened this, the aroma was definitely nice. But what was difficult was the cooking part. I found a new way to image translate, but it was through google, so very confusing. Boiling noodles in cold water seems a little strange to me, but they’ve got some mad tech in China, yo… I hope I can figure out how the heck to cook this stuff… UPDATE – big thanks to Kyle K. over at Mom’s Dry Noodle for huge help in cooking instructions! ...see full post

#3982: Mamee Monster x Daebak Ghost Pepper Daging Cendawan Pedas – Malaysia

#3982: Mamee Monster x Daebak Ghost Pepper Daging Cendawan Pedas - Malaysia

So far, I’ve been pretty happy about Mamee’s Ghost Pepper range. Well, This one happens to be spicy mushroom flavor. I’m not incredibly fond of mushrooms; I’m alright with the texture, but the flavor generally kind of puts me off. That being said, I have experienced mushroom varieties I’ve likes, so hoping this is one of those. Let’s give this one a try – there will be a mukbang video below as well… ...see full post