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#4726: Chewy Seafood Flavour Quick Serve Macaroni – Hong Kong

#4726: Chewy Seafood Flavour Quick Serve Macaroni - Hong Kong

Another one found at S*Mart. I know, it’s not ramen or instant noodles per se, however it’s something you might find on the instant noodle aisle as I did. Usually these aren’t bad – definitely not a thick broth or anything, but a nice flavor and thin walled macaroni. First found this kind of thing years back in Canada with some Nissin varieties. Anyways, let’s proceed. ...see full post

#4712: Little Sheep Signature Soup Noodle – China

#4712: Little Sheep Signature Soup Noodle - China

Man, where did I find this one. Hmm… I think I found it at 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds, Washington, but I could be totally wrong. It looks as Sichuan Baijia is making this one, however they’re making it in Inner Mongolia which I find fascinating.  I’m really curious about this one, that’s for sure. Let’s give it a a try! ...see full post

#4706: Guangyou Spicy Wide Noodle – China

#4706: Guangyou Spicy Wide Noodle - China

Might seem peculiar, but I’m back. Took almost a month off while the boy was doing summer school. He enjoyed it and while there I walked with my daughter all over the place. She’s six, but she did a 9.6 mile walk with me the other day – not bad! Anyways, this one I think came by way of James from Lakeside, California – thanks! Let’s made some Chinese broad noodle – Hoping they’re good! ...see full post

#4658: Shen Gong Fried Rice Noodles Artificial Beef Flavor With Chili Oil – United States

I’ve been reviewing instant noodles since 2002, doing episodes of Instant Noodle Recipe Time, The Chocolate Break with my wife, Professional Mukbang, Unboxing Time With The Ramen Rater and more. Right now, we’re in a pretty crummy financial situation and hoping that some of the fans will be able to help out. I really loathe asking like this. I’ve set up a GoFundMe. It really is strange – you hear about statistics like ‘this percentage are one paycheck away from financial ruin.’ I love going to the thrift store and finding some trinket on the cheap. Right now, that’s a luxury I can’t even fathom, really. What’s crummy too is the time of the year that this is happening. Holidays plus my daughter’s birthday is a week before Christmas. Ugh. Here’s the link if you can help out. ...see full post

#4550: GS Retail Premium Gonghwachun Instant Noodle With Black Bean Sauce – United States

#4550: GS Retail Premium Gonghwachun Instant Noodle With Black Bean Sauce - United States

This one ame by was of Daniel over at Exotic Noods – thanks again! This one’s a jjajangmyeon style noodle, so it’s got a thick and hearty black bean sauce with it. I’ve seen varieties made for GS Mart (a Korean chain) by Paldo, and everything about this package screams Paldo manufacture. If you look on the back by the barcode, you can see it’s made specifically for Us distribution. Anyways, let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#4531: Shoo Loong Kan Lan Zhou La Mian – China

#4531: Shoo Loong Kan Lan Zhou La Mian - China

Another one found at Asian Family Market on 130th & Aurora . I’ve had Lan Zhou noodles before – and a few Shoo Loong Kan varieties (those were good). During my research on this variety, I’m bombarded by images of lovely beef and coriander aplenty, in really great bowls I wish I had. It makes me really want to go to China; definitely want to try Lan Zhou, the food of Henan, the food of Chongqing… Pretty much every province has their delicacies. Someday I hope. But today, I have this interesting box with a taste of China in it. Let’s give it a try. ...see full post