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#4214: Nongshim Angry Chapaguri – United States

#4214: Nongshim Angry Chapaguri - United States

Well, well, well. I think this one should warrant a mukbang, don’t you? I’m trying to remember the last time I did one, actually. I must say I’m sad to report that this is the first year a top ten list for South Korea has been skipped since I started doing them; I’ve reviewed so few new varieties. Really bummed about that – help! Glad to see a new one here, however this is for the US market and not the Korean version. Hopefully some new ones will cross my desk for 2023 soon. Either way, this is an extra spicy version of Chapaguri, made popular by the film Parasite I believe. Still haven’t seen the film… Being with poor vision, subtitles are a little rough. Definitely would like to see the ramdon scene.  But anyhoo, let’s check this new ramdon out. ...see full post

#4162: I’m E Choice For You Spicy Min Saeng Ramen – United States

#4162: I'm E Choice For You Spicy Min Saeng Ramen - United States

I found this yesterday while looking for Lunar New Year specials at a big Asian grocery store. I immediately knew what I was looking at when I saw the font. These are from eMart. They’re a really big hypermarket chain in South Korea which now is opening stores in the United States. Now, this is a private label product, so one of the big companies in South Korea is making it for them . Not sure which one, but in the past it’s been Samyang. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#4128: Paldo Teumsae Cheese Tteokbokki – South Korea

#4128: Paldo Teumsae Cheese Tteokbokki - South Korea

Here’s one from James in Lakeside, CA – thanks again! Wow – this looks burly. I had to read around to verify cooking instructions and they aren’t hard to cook – just wanted to do it right. This will be my first mukbang I’ve done in ages – not only that, I’ve been hardcore on diet and exercise lately, so not only will it be spicy, it’s going to be a gut buster. Egad. Let’s give it a shot! ...see full post

#4010: Yopokki Cheese Rapokki – South Korea

#4010: Yopokki Cheese Rapokki - South Korea

I’ve seen a lot of these Yopokki variants lately and this one definitely piqued my interest and my wife loves tteokbokki and cheese – and then there’s ramen in there too! It’s a win, win, win! Found this at Asian Family Market on Aurora and 130th in North Seattle – rad store – go check it out! Let’s crack this big pack open and see what dwells within! ...see full post

#4006: Delling Korean Style Yukgaejang Ramen – South Korea

#4006: Delling Korean Style Yukgaejang Ramen - South Korea

Yesterday we found ourselves in Bellevue and about to go home, Kit asked me if there was anywhere we should go over there before we left. I looked to see if there were any Asian grocery stores I’d not been to and found a few, but one had a name that stood out. S-Mart. Yeah – if you’re familiar with the film ‘Army Of Darkness,’ you know why this piqued my curiosity. It seemed that Korean grocery stores usually have a letter followed by the word Mart. It was only a matter of time; we have an HMart nearby, and a GMart (formerly KS Mart), and there’s more of them. Well, we decided to shop smart and shop S-Mart. That’s where I found this one – something I’ve never seen before. It always floors me – I’ve been to tons of Asian grocery stores in this area and then whammo – one that has a variety I’ve never seen around here. In fact, I found a few of them. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post