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#4713: Pulmuone Crab Ramen – United States

#4713: Pulmuone Crab Ramen - United States

This one came from James of Lakeside, California – thanks, man! Pulmuone leans towards the healthier end of the stick when it comes to food manufacturing. I believe I read a while back about how there is in fact a large farm Pulmuone runs that is also a school on heritage farming for students in South Korea – pretty cool. Let’s make some crab ramen! ...see full post

#2380: Pulmuone Non-Fried Ramyun With Spicy Beef Broth

#2380: Pulmuone Non-Fried Ramyun With Spicy Beef Broth - South Korea - The Ramen Rater

So here’s something new I found at HMart. This is going to be battle for me, however you might wonder why. Well, much of the package is shiny gold colored. Unfortunately, shiny gold and silver packages are evil. I mean, not really, but really at the same time. Indeed they look nice, but they add a bit of an issue to my process. Indeed, scanning gold or silver foil packs presents a real problem. No matter what, there are wrinkles in the packaging, and ones I usually can use Photoshop to get rid of. However, these wrinkles when in a shiny foil wreak havoc with the scanner and the images come out extremely light and dark in spots. Anyway, just a little behind the scenes on what I do when putting out a post. ...see full post

#2187: Pulmuone Non-Fried Ramyun Noodle (Crab Flavor)

Crabby crab from South Korea! This one was sent to me by colin from the east coast – thanks! Not a lot of ramyun I’ve seen out there with crab as a main flavor. In fact, I think this might be the first ramyun I’ve seen in this vein. You might say ‘hey – you’ve reviewed noodle that have crab flavor before’ but this is ramyun. ramyun is strictly a South Korean thing – it’s really has to do with the noodle gauge and the chewiness. Originally it was beef broth and spicy, but different things have come into the mix during the years – like crab! Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#1780: Pulmuone Non-Fried Noodle Blackbean Sauce Noodle With Squid

It’s been almost 400 reviews since the last Pulmuone product I’ve reviewed. Found this one at a local South Korean grocery store and thought today would be a good day to try it. Seems like I’m finding less South Korean varieties to review as of late which really bums me out – Always been a big fan of South Korean instant ramyun. Well, this one is from Pulmuone, a company which shoots for the healthier mark with their products. The noodle aren’t fried, so I’m guessing they’re baked or air-dried. Let’s have a look at this one – with squid! ...see full post

#1400: Pulmuone Nature Is Delicious Non-Fried Ramyun Noodle (Spicy Flavor) (New Version)

Pulmuone is a South Korean company that makes products using their LOHAS philosophy. They really like the sustainable agriculture/green/etc thing over there. There’s a video at the end of this post that extolls their virtues. I thought I’d reviewed this one before but noticed that there were a couple minor changes in the nutrition facts as well as new packaging, so thought maybe I’d give it a try today. It’s called Nature Is Delicious, but it doesn’t say it on the packaging like the old version does, which is kind of weird. Well, actually it says it in Korean, and the only way I could figure it out was by comparing the UPC codes from the original review and this one. I’m kind of curious about how they got the name Pulmuone… Hmmm… Anyways, let’s see how low calorie instant ramyun tastes! ...see full post

#714: Pulmuone Nature Is Delicious Non-Fried Ramyun Noodle (Spicy)

Here’s a rather uniquely titled one that the nice folks at Ramen Place sent along! I think I would rearrange the title right now to Is Nature Delicious? I guess that what we’re trying to find out with this review. Pulmuone seems to put out products that try to appeal to the health conscious. Let give it a try! ...see full post