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#3812: Snapdragon Vietnamese Vegetable Pho – United States

#3812: Snapdragon Vietnamese Vegetable Pho - United States

These came by way of James from Lakeside California and looks like Snapdragon has dressed up their packaging yet again. I will admit I’ve never been exceedingly enthralled with their range, save a couple of varieties. Not only that, I’m rarely enthused about any pho instants I’ve tried. But I’m in the mood so these at least have that going for them. Let’s give them a try! ...see full post

#3562: Snapdragon Miso Rice Ramen – United States

#3562: Snapdragon Miso Rice Ramen - United States

First things first – thanks to James of Lakeside, CA for sending this one! Alright, so no, this is not produced in the United States, but it’s definitely produced for the United States. It sounds interesting, honestly – miso rice noodles. I don’t know that I’ve seen miso rice noodles before however I could be wrong. Let’s see what we have. ...see full post

#1395: Snapdragon Singapore Laksa Curry Soup Bowl

Found this in a local grocery store the other day. It’s definitely made of the United States market, but made in Thailand, which seems kind of funny as it’s Singapore Laksa Curry. Any way you slice it, it’s a Singapore Laksa Curry that made for the United States market which is something that truly piqued my interest. What’s different here also is that it uses rice noodles instead of wheat, so it’s gluten free. I’ve only had a Laksa that used rice noodles once before. Let’s have a look at this one. ...see full post

#519: Snapdragon Pan-Asian Cuisine Beijing Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup

Sheesh – almost 20% through the 500’s – didn’t expect that to happen so quickly! So here we have the Snapdragon cup, Beijing Vegetable. I got it locally but if you want to try it you can get it here. These have been pretty good so far – let’s see how the veggies do… ...see full post