#494: Snapdragon Pan Asian Cuisine Tomato Seafood Rice Noodle Soup

I got a few of these not too long ago and so here’s the first of them. The top is a clear cover.

Do these packets look familiar? They did to me. Take a look at my reviews of Koka brand products. Koka is from Singapore, and the back of the cup shows a map with Singapore on it. Interesting. The red packet has powder and oil and the green is veggies.

The rice noodles with everything on top waiting for the boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. So here’s the finished product. It has a nice tomato taste to it and the little shrimps re-hydrated nicely! I liked the noodles, even if they kind of ended up mushy. All in all a nice little snack. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Here’s a Wai Wai commercial – enjoy it.

A vintage classic for ya…


  1. ooh, snapdragon..they sell these near me. i wish their soups werent so spicy or i would try more of them. i tried the mushroom cup flavor but found it was mostly just a salty broth that was kind of mediocre.

    how was the spicyness on this one? maybe if its spicy you could give it a rating from 1-5 on the heat so people know specifically.

    i wonder if this is the same company that makes KOKA noodles?

    one thing to note about these cup noodles – i remember there was actually a warning that said do NOT microwave as the cup might leak! so boiling water only for this one. cup could be a little wider, too. and the packaging on the packet was awful. it looked deceptively like one packet and when i opened it, half the oil packet spilled onto my hands. if you are gonna do 2 packets in one, at least make it obvious!

    looking forward for more snapdragon!

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