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#547: Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton (Chow Mein) Sweet & Spicy Flavor

Hey! Haven’t tried this yet! Pancit Canton is a lot like Indomie’s Mi Goreng – that’s one of my favorites!

So we have a powder shiny packet on the left and a combo packet with oil and soy sauce on the right. I like how they tell you not to worry – it the powder’s clump the soy sauce will break it up. If the soy sauce is crystalline, a little liquid will break up the salt crystals. See, this stuff comes from the Philippines where they get some serious humidity and heat. I see lots of products from there that are packaged in some pretty fancy ways to keep food the way it needs to be.

Looks like ya stepped on a slug huh? Trust me, it’s seriously excellent stuff!

Click image to enlarge. Voila – topped with a pair of fried eggs, a little fried shallot and some pickled ginger. The noodles are drained and then you stir them with the stuff in the last photo till everything’s all combined. This is it, Ramen Rater fans – this is the holy mountain of the instant noodles world, the pinnacle of perfection. I love it – the noodles are chewy, and they’re hot AND sweet. The trick is to keep the egg yolks a little runny and everything combines nicely. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. A truly awesome meal. Get the noodles and the condiments here.

A commercial for thi stuff.

#546: Yum Yum Oriental Style Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavour

Vegetable flavor huh? Vegetables are supposedly something that makes one healthy. I don’t think they’re present in much of a relevant amount here, but let’s see what we’ve got.

Seasoning powder and seasoned oil at the ready.  I just read in the ingredients: “vegetables in varying proportions: garlic, onion, carrot and onion leaf.

I had to get a pic of the ingredient list in all the languages. I also noticed that empty white field in the upper right quadrant – I wonder if one could just put an address on it and ship it off?

A bowl of seasonings awaiting the noodles…

Click image to enlarge. So here we are – I pan scrambled a couple of eggs and then kind of flipped them over on themselves oddly. I topped them with some fried shallot. The noodles were pretty good and of a decent quality and despite the size of the package, the noodles were of a decent quantity as well. The broth had a nice taste to it, although I don’t know how easily I would discern the difference from chicken flavor or vegetable flavor; perhaps the vegetable doesn’t have that light fake butter flavoring in it. The little tiny bits of vegetables that were present were nice. A good bowl of noodles – 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Rad Yum Yum commercial!

The shallots I used come in a little container and are dry and super good but not like these which look absolutly awesome. I think I’ll be trying this out sometime!

#545: Golden Wheat Korean Style Spicy Beef Cooking Noodle

Here’s another one from Nathan up in Vancouver. First off, this one’s BIG. it calls for 700mL of water and to be cooked for 5-6 minutes! Aside from this stuff, there are some oddities I noticed that were kind of interesting.

Notice the similarities? Of course those who are fans of Shin Ramyun aren’t going to say ‘hey this is Shin Ramyun, but it’s interesting to see the attempt to emulate here.

Three packets – powder, liquid and veggies.

But wait a minute – that logo looks a little familiar. The three packets are the same one that JML makes – look here. The JML brand ones were also sent by a Ramen Rater fan, Greg N. from Florida. Finally, JML is a Chinese company; so I’m just going to assume that this stuff was made in China, kind of looks like Shin Ramyun and is labeled for sale in Canada.

Yep – looks exactly the same as the JML spicy beefs too.

Click image to enlarge. Well, there was a problem. This is a different bowl. 700mL of liquid, an enormous block of noodles and two eggs wouldn’t fit in the other bowl. The noodles came out quite nice – thicker gauge than normal stuff and a little chewy. Not bad. The broth is fiery hot – definitely the JML action working here. The veggie hid a bit but then they came out and ran amok. Nicely re-hydrated veggies. It’s pretty good stuff, although quite a large amount of it. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

“The Golden Wheat” a Soviet-era song

Yet another Golden Wheat song – nothing to do with the noodles, but interesting music.

#544: Unox Good Noodles Kip ( Chicken )

Here’s another Dutch noodle from Michael V.N. in Holland! He informed me that kip means chicken – it’s kind of funny as almost every other noodle package that is chicken flavored usually has some kind of image of a chicken on it – this one’s covert!

Two packets – oil on the left and powder seasoning on the right.

The powder and oil intermingle in their savory way.

Click image to enlarge. A couple of scrambled eggs and some carefully placed polka-dots of Texas Pete hot sauce. So I have the vegetable flavor a week or two ago and I followed the same directions and it did the same thing – I try to make it with soup but it just gets sucked up by the noodles so quickly. The noodles are nice enough – and the chicken flavor is quite good – I liked it and would eat it again. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars!

So this is the product that Unox is most well known for.

I really like how after she tosses the stick of butter in the other lady starts talking about healthy foods…

#543: Menraku Japanese Curry “Udon”

One of my favorite things in all the world of cuisine is curry. Hot curry, curry soup, curry beef, curry chicken, curry vindaloo, curry powder, curry paste, green curry, yellow curry, masaman curry, Indian curry and Japanese curry. This sounded good and I’m starving.

So its powder on the right, but I wonder what this chunky stuff in the veggie packet is all about? Hmm…

Wow, that’s quite a pile of powdered seasoning – and its got a great curry stink to it! Also, look at all that stuff on the right – fried tofu and green onions with a dash of carrot and bonito.

Click image to enlarge. No eggs. Just curry udon. So the noodles are awesome – very wide and thick and chewy! The broth is oozing with curry goodness! The veggies and tofu? Perfect. Yup – I’m really quite happy with this one – 4.75 out of 5.0 stars!

Here’s the commercial!

Really – watch this the guy’s got a ridiculously large camera collection

#542: Wingsfood Mi Sedaap Mi Sup Perisa Ayam Istimewa (Artificial Chicken Special Flavor)

Hey this looks shmancy! Nothing better than an interesting new pack of noodles from Indonesia.

A dual packet containing seasoned powder and chili powder as well as a seasoned oil packet.

Yup – another new bowl. From the way this stuff smells, it’s gonna be good!

Click image to enlarge. Finished product, with a couple of fried eggs, of course. The noodles were a little most robust and chewy than your regular fare – very nice. The broth was pretty good too, although have had better  when it comes to chicken ramen. All in all not too bad but nothing really to cheer about. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Mi Sedaap commercial!

I’m quite jealous of this guy – I have a couple Osbornes that DON’T work.

From Rolls to Bowls: Genji Sushi Launches Freshly Prepared All-Natural Ramen Noodle Soup at Whole Foods Market

So I found out about this today and thought it sounds rather interesting. I’m hoping I might be able to do an actual review of these soon as they sound quite good! Here’s a press release about it:


From Rolls to Bowls: Genji Sushi Launches Freshly Prepared All-Natural Ramen Noodle Soup at Whole Foods Market


Beloved Noodle Soup Arrives Just In Time for Cold Weather


PHILADELPHIA, PA  (October 19, 2011) As the chill of fall arrives, Genji, provider of all-natural sushi to Whole Foods Market, introduces artisanal Ramen Noodle Soups, prepared fresh daily with all-natural ingredients by in-store chefs.  Currently, ramen dishes are most commonly available in two ways: freeze-dried with chemical preservatives, or slow-cooked at a sit-down restaurant.  Genji’s eco-conscious customers now have a third option that combines the best of both worlds: all-natural freshly prepared dishes with the convenience of a grab-and-go bowl, ready to heat and eat.  Genji’s noodle soups follow the savory “tan-tan men” style, with a chili and sesame-miso base, and a variety of fresh toppings.


“We are pleased to offer our customers the authentic taste of Japanese ramen, which we hope will help redefine the category,” states Shingo Kanai, CEO and President of Genji, Inc.  “Our chefs spent a long time developing our recipe and perfecting the soup stock, which gives our dish its characteristic flavor.  Genji’s Ramen Noodle Soups honor the rich tradition, while still being easy, convenient, and, of course, delicious.”


Customers simply add hot water, microwave 60-90 seconds, and enjoy all-natural, authentic ramen in the convenience of their home or office.  Genji’s Ramen Noodle Soup is available in three varieties (Shrimp & Scallop, Calamari and Vegetable) for $5.49 at all U.S. Genji locations within Whole Foods Market locations.


About Genji Sushi

Established in 1997, Genji Sushi is dedicated to the finest quality all-natural sushi and Japanese-inspired cuisine in a grab-and-go style. Its sushi bars are located within 138 Whole Foods Market locations in 18 states and the District of Columbia, as well as the U.K.   At each location, skilled chefs prepare a variety of fresh items on-site, including raw, cooked, vegetarian and vegan-friendly sushi and sides. The company mission is to contribute towards healthier food consumption habits on a global level. For more information, visit www.genjiweb.com.

#541: Yum Yum Oriental Style Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour

Here’s another of the Yum Yum’s that were sent from Holland! Chicken flavor eh? I like chicken as well as chickens!

A dual packet with dry powder seasoning and chili powder and a packet of vegetable oil. I’m sure you could’ve just read that though.

Top left is the oil, on the right is the powder seasoning and lower left is chili powder. This is another of the new bowls I got yesterday!

Click image to enlarge. All done with a couple fried eggs. I really liked the noodles – very light and kind of thin. Not super thin – just a slight bit thinner than something like Maruchan or Top Ramen. The broth was fine – a nice chicken flavor with a little bit of zest to it. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

A Yum Yum commercial!

A news spot from 1993 on CBC about this crazy new thing people are into called the Internet!

#532: Doll Instant Noodle Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour

Thanks to Nathan R. of Vancouver, Canada, I have this wonderful package of noodles that I will be devouring shortly. Was sure I’d had every variety of the Doll line but apparently I haven’t – I think maybe this one just isn’t distributed in the USA.

NOTE: So I got a comment – I had put Tonkatsu instead of Tonkotsu – ” Tonkatsu and tonkotsu are two different Japanese dishes, the former being breaded, fried pork cutlets, similar to German schnitchel, and the latter is a variety of ramen with a broth made from boiled pork bones.” – JP Hays. Thanks for the heads up! Had no clue of the error of that it would make such a difference!

Standard pair of packets – liquid on the left and powder on the right.

Looks good to me. You might notice – I got a new bowl! Actually I bought three new bowls today at a store called Daiso at the mall. Most of the stuff there is $1.50 – including this bowl! Got another $1.50 bowl and a $5.00 one.

Click image to enlarge. That looks great! Added two fried eggs. First, the noodles are very nice, high quality and very tasty. The broth has a nice flavor to it and was perfect. I really like Doll products and this is no exception. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars!

A Doll Brand TV commercial from Hong Kong.

This is pretty awesome – how to make miniature food out of polymer clay.

#531: Yum Yum Oriental Style Instant Noodles Beef Flavour

Here’s some more from Michael V.N. of Holland! Thanks again! This one’s called Yum Yum – had my son choose whether I should have the chicken or the beef and he told me I should have the beef today and the chicken tomorrow. Sounds like a plan!

Two packets – flavored oil/paste and powder/veggies. Interesting that they didn’t do it up with three packets.

Lots of paste – nothing mentions spicy but I have a feeling it is. This one came from Holland but it is a product of Thailand.

Click image to enlarge. Boiled an egg with the noodles. So I was right – it is spicy. Not overwhelming but very tasty. The noodles aren’t too shabby and the broth is tasty and somewhat beefy! The veggies are kind of different – crunchy little bits of greenery. I like it – 3.25 out of 5.0 stars!

Kitteh sez Yum Yum Yum as it eats!

#530: Namchow Mee-Jang Artificial Shrimp Tom Yum Flavor Instant Noodles

This was a neat find at a local market I don’t go to very often. There’s a long aisle of instant noodles and I noticed a single instant noodle cup that didn’t seem to have any place where it would go. So I went around to the other side of the aisle and was hoping there’d be more. Well, there wasn’t a continuation of instant noodle aisle, but I did find this one in a weird spot, again with no correlating spot on the main aisle. With that, once again I bring you what you want.

Powder on the left and paste on the right.

The paste has quite a spicy odor to it!

Click image to enlarge. Added two eggs, fried. Unremarkable noodles – nothing bad but nothing exceptional this time. The broth though is nice – very very spicy and has a nice flavor. I like this stuff. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. You can find it here.

How to make something spicy

Quite an amazing halloween display – check it out!

#529: Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavored Soup

A new find today at a big Korean supermarket nearby. Been a while since I’ve reviewed anything by Sapporo Ichiban. What’s interesting too is that the packaging proclaims that it’s new! Also on the back it says it’s three servings! Boy, this economy sure is hitting everyone hard! Now instant noodle rationing!

Just one packet as usually found in this brand’s packs.

The powdered seasoning had a funny smell to it; not exactly chicken at all. Almost a dirt-like odor – strange.

Click image to enlarge. Added a couple eggs – pan-scrambled. The noodles are great but again the broth and flavor is really strange – it’s a little spicy but the aftertaste is almost earthy. My wife said it reminded her of cooked asparagus.  Was a real disappointment. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars – surprisingly low for the makers of a top ten variety.

Sapporo Ichiban commercials from the 80’s.

Hot dog eating contest