#527: Little Cook Instant Noodles Wheat Gluten Stewed Duck Flavored

Wow – what an inviting variety! Wheat gluten stewed duck flavored!

So this is a big bowl of the Little Cook stuff – Namchow makes it. These are always interesting.

A powder and other oddities packet…

Retort pouch, weirdness be thy creed! So in here lives the gluten duck of lore. The duck is made of textured vegetable proteins.

The directions tell me to fill to the line with boiling water and steep three minutes. After that, put the contents of the retort pouch in and stir and eat.

Click image to enlarge. Looks like real meat doesn’t it? Well, looks are deceiving. The fake duck wasn’t bad though – wasn’t very chewy like meat at all, but went well with a mouthfull of noodle. The broth wasn’t bad nor the noodles. A lot of interesting spices going on here and I don’t know if it tastes like duck since I’ve never had duck before except for other instant noodles. However, of all the duck flavored instant noodles I’ve tried, I liked this one the best! Sweet! Good job, Little Cook from Namchow! 2.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Funny Thai commercial.

A strange ramen competition – I think thee first one looked best.


  1. This needs a “vegetarian” tag. The Thai language on it clearly says it’s vegetarian (strict Chinese vegetarian…more like vegan)

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