#528: Unox Good Noodles Groente (Vegetable)

Check it out! Thanks to Ramen Rater blog follower Michael V.N.’s donation package, we have the first ever noodles to review from Holland! Not only a new country but a new brand – Unox. The package has directions on the back to either make just noodles or noodle soup – I decided for the noodle soup.

Seasoned oil on the left and dry powder seasoning on the right. Kind of cool to see Dutch text on this stuff!

So the seasoning sit in the bowl waiting for some noodles… I also made a couple of fried eggs – this is breakfast for me.

Click image to enlarge. A couple sunny side up on a rainy Washington day. The soup version only calls for 250mL of water and so there wasn’t a huge amount of broth. The noodles were pretty good – a little mushier than you would imagine from something like Top Ramen but they were a little more clumpy too which I actually found very nice. The broth had a generally pleasant flavor – I liked it. Salty and enjoyable. All in all a great meal. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars!

Awesome Unox commercial

Pizza vending machine!


  1. Wow … That’s a high rating. for Dutch noodles!
    I personally do not like the taste of Unox noodles as I told you before. But They also produce one of the most popular Dutch products: Rookworst! (Smoked sausage) and Erwtensoep! (pea soup)
    Ask any Dutchman about Unox And he will reply: ROOKWORST!!! or ERWTENSOEP!!!
    Every New Year’s Day they organize an event Where many Dutch people take a dip in the ice cold sea…Do not ask me why but they do it….
    After this dip you can get their products for free to warm up.

    Good luck with your great website!

    1. Yeah I liked this stuff! The commercial I put up looks like it’s for the rookworst, that’s for sure.

      As for a dip in the icy waters, we have that here too! The people who do it are known as the ‘Polar Bears’ and usually meet around January 1st and if you do it you get a free t-shirt. I have enough t-shirts though…

      – The Ramen Rater

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