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High End Ramen Exploration Set From Washoku Explorer Of Japan

I heard about this from a post by a colleague in the noodle review crowd (yeah, there are more of us) and thought I’d see if I could give it a review. I got an affirmative, and this is what they sent. First – Washoku Explorer appears to be a website with offerings that aren’t only about being tasty food, but educating you on the foods from Japan. It looks like a really neat thing – click here to check it out.This will be a special upcoming review! For now, let’s have a look at what we have here.

An included letter (click to enlarge).

Underneath the letter.

Ah! (click to enlarge) A couple varieties I’ve not yet reviewed! Thank you!

Wow this stuff is fancy (click to enlarge) – dehydrated spring onion, mushroom and sheets of seaweed.

The tonkotsu that comes standard with the kit (click to enlarge).

A fancy bowl (click to enlarge) – like one would find at a Japanese ramen restaurant.

In the bowl was another nice gift (click to enlarge) – don’t think I’ve reviewed this either! Check out Washoku Explorer here!


Awesome Box From A Friend In The Netherlands

James B. sent me a box a while back with some great stuff in it and here he strikes again with even more! Thanks, man! Let’s see what’s inside!

Oh wow what have we here?

This is great! I have reviewed the cup versions of these in the past but never the packs. These are from Germany – pretty much impossible to find here!

Never seen this brand before – very curious about these… Looks like they’re made in Singapore…

Dutch instant noodles!

These are really interesting – the line is called Conimex. They’re made by Unilever. Wow – thanks again to James B. for sending these along!

New Product Samples From Hao Way!

Went to the office and got packages – five minutes later, they called and said I had another!

What’s lurking inside this little box?

Win Onn Foods makes this Hao Way Penang Laksa now! They’re really excited about it, as it’s the first out there made with grilled fish.

Looking forward to giving these a try soon! Thanks!

Donation From A Canadian Reader

Got a package yesterday from reader Justin M. from Winfield, BC up north – let’s check ’em out!

This is cool! So I’m always looking for ‘store brand’ instant noodles. They’re usually very common and kind of boring to many, but to me they’re fascinating. Large grocery chains often get private label instant noodles made for them. These Azami varieties are made for Loblaw’s up in Canada.

The top two are also made for Loblaw’s and are called ‘No Name’ which is pretty neat. The lower is a Mamee Oriental – veggie flavor. They’re for export. Thanks again!

New Product Samples From Indomie

Got a package today – from Indonesia! New product samples from Indomie! This should be awesome!

I’ve been seeing these all over Instagram lately – let me explain… There is a new line Indomie’s making called Taste of Asia. Usually Indomie makes varieties centering around the many different cuisines of Indonesia; but not this time. Three varieties based on flavors from other Asian regions. Tom yum, laksa and bulgogi! Wow – this will be fun! Theyt also sent one which is brand new called Iga Penyet. What I think it is isa flavor based on a dish centering around spicy beef ribs. Sounds good – looking forward to giving it a try!

They also sent me an autographed advert! It was signed by the manager of marketing, noodles division! Pretty awesome! Thanks to Ridki, Susienta, and everyone at Indomie! I’ll be trying these soon!

The Ramen Rater Top Ten In Courrier Japon Magazine

I got an email a few weeks back from a fellow named Hikaru T. from Courrier Japon magazin. He was interested in doing an article about my Top Ten list and asked if that’d be alright. I usually ask for a couple copies of the finished product and some cool instant noodle from the country where the magazine is. Well, he said okay and so here is the box that arrived today!

Coffee cans? Hmmm… Back to those in a moment.

Wow – neat looking magazines!

Hey look! I like the caption!

Nope – those weren’t coffee cans – they’re canned instant noodles! Yes! I read about these last year – here‘s an article. Thanks to Hikaru and everyone at Courrier Japon!

A Kind Donation From A reader!

Hey what’s this?

Ah ha now I understand! Roger S., a reader of The Ramen Rater contacted me. He’d gone through The Big List and found two he could locally source that I’d not reviewed yet! Interesting flavors too – shallot beef and the oddly fascinating tart beef! Thanks again!

Awesome Gift From A-Sha Dry Noodle! Hello Kitty!

I saw this neat thing on A-Sha Taiwan’s website and thought hmmm… Wonder if they can find me one…


Wow! Twenty packs of A-Sha Hello Kitty noodles! Thanks! Want to get your own? Well, I hate to say it but you’ll have to travel to Taiwan and get some there – not for sale in the USA. Big thanks to Hann-wei, Young, and everyone at A-Sha for this very kind gift! Will review them soon!

Package From Hong Kong!

Got a package the other day from reader Abbie C. of Hong Kong! She offered to see if she could send a couple things I’ve been looking for: Hello Kitty and Pokemon branded noodle products. As I’ve said before, my wife likes Hello Kitty and my son is aPokefanatic!

Very well packed, I must say!

Wow, cool! She sent a couple of Doll brand Hello Kitty Curry Cups! No Pokemon found though, but she sent my son an Ultraman mini-cup noodle! Ooh – cheese curry too – that’s something I’ve really wanted to try! Thank you very much Abbie! Stickers will be coming your way!

A Nice Gift From Nongshim America

Got a box from Nongshim America today. They were stoked on the story that came out about my ramyun burger recipe. Thank you very much! Let’s see what’s inside!

Temporary tattoos!

A fan!

Neat chef hats!

They also sent a couple shirts – here are the front and back.

Finally, a big box of Shin Ramyun Black! Wow! Thank you very much!

South Korean Samples From Samyang Foods!

Recently I heard about this recipe using Samyang Foods Budalk Bokkumyeon (Hot fried chicken flavor ramyun). I only have one of the bowls so I needed at least onhe more so I could do a regular review as well as try the recipe. I asked a friend at Samyang Foods if they could possibly send some more and I got a yes! Today this box arrived.

Inside was another box!


Sweet! Two of the bowl versions of the hot fried chicken ramyun! The other is a spicy jjampong.


The two on the right are brand new baked varieties called SBN (Samyang Baked Noodles). They’re geared towards the health conscious. The left is the new Red Nagasaki Jjampong!

I asked if they could throw in a poster and sign it – and they did! Thank you very much for everything!