High End Ramen Exploration Set From Washoku Explorer Of Japan

I heard about this from a post by a colleague in the noodle review crowd (yeah, there are more of us) and thought I’d see if I could give it a review. I got an affirmative, and this is what they sent. First – Washoku Explorer appears to be a website with offerings that aren’t only about being tasty food, but educating you on the foods from Japan. It looks like a really neat thing – click here to check it out.This will be a special upcoming review! For now, let’s have a look at what we have here.

An included letter (click to enlarge).

Underneath the letter.

Ah! (click to enlarge) A couple varieties I’ve not yet reviewed! Thank you!

Wow this stuff is fancy (click to enlarge) – dehydrated spring onion, mushroom and sheets of seaweed.

The tonkotsu that comes standard with the kit (click to enlarge).

A fancy bowl (click to enlarge) – like one would find at a Japanese ramen restaurant.

In the bowl was another nice gift (click to enlarge) – don’t think I’ve reviewed this either! Check out Washoku Explorer here!


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