January 14, 2013

New Year’s Package From Nissin Foods USA

Got an email telling me a package had arrived last week. It was from Scott A. over at Nissin Foods USA! Wonder what is inside…

A big box…

I sent a list over to Scott a while back with all of the Nissin products I’d reviewed and asked if there were any domestic varieties I hadn’t hit. He sent all the ones I hadn’t found!


Lots of cool posters!

A little box…

This is really cool – a little leather planner!

Already using this for notes on The Ramen Rater!

What’s this you ask? This is something I’ve wanted to check out for a long time. Nissin Raoh is a premium instant from Japan that I’ve not seen here. I’ll be reviewing it on Saturday, January 19th – which is Momofuku Ando Day! I’ll do a special video review – stay tuned! Also, if you want to take some pictures of the noodles you make, you can email them to me – [email protected] – and they’ll be included in the special Momofuku Ando Day Show Your Noodles! Thanks to Scott A. and everyone over at Nissin Foods USA for the nice package – thank you very much.

One thought on “New Year’s Package From Nissin Foods USA

  1. Hans "The Ramen Rater" Lienesch

    Well, microwaving foam isn’t recommended. Also, the cup’s not set up for microwaving – the noodles and size aren’t the best match… I know most people microwave ’em, but I never do – I always follow directions.

    – TRR


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