Awesome Donation From China

Bo H., who lives abroad in China decided he’d send some nice Chinese varieties! He warned that it might take a long time – they were shipped May 8th and arrive today, June 27th!

Oh wow what’s in here?

Wow – they did REALLY well despite travelling for a month and a half in the mail! Most are Master Kong, one is Unif and one I’m not sure. Hoping these can get translated – I want to make sure they’re prepared correctly and to know what they are! Thank you very much, Bo! Some Ramen Ramter stickers will be on their way to you soon!

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  1. Clockwise from top-left:
    – Chinese red-cooked beef
    – Red Oil (not sure what this is) Dan Dan Noodles
    – Pork Rib Broth
    – Preserved Vegetables Beef
    – Spicy Beef
    – Stewed Potatoes and Beef

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