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#3628: LMF Hong Kong Chow Mein Sichuan Hot Spicy Flavor – China

#3628: LMF Hong Kong Chow Mein Sichuan Hot Spicy Flavor - China

As promised yesterday, here’s another one we found up in Canada at Smart’n’Save at the Lansdowne Centre mall. My daughter Mimi asks every once in a while these days ‘can we go to the Hello Kitty store, Papa’ and Miles immediately says ‘no Mimi, Canada is closed.’ Pretty sad. Man, I hope they come up with a vaccine for COVID-19 soon! I miss the wonders of the land to the north… ...see full post

#3022: Myojo Japanese Yakisoba Curry Flavor – United States

#3022: Myojo Japanese Yakisoba Curry Flavor - United States

I was in Bellevue the other day and hit Uwajimaya for a couple things. I thought hey – I’ll make yakisoba for dinner! I just got a big huge frying wok and so that should be fun. So I go to the aisle with the cold cases and find the yakisoba. The one I usually pick up was frozen hard as a rock – not cool. I looked for another and most of those were brick-hard. Then I found this one and was happy. Well, I get it home and I’m pissed. It’s curry. Now, everyone knows I love curry; it’s almost a religious thing for me. But not everyone in my place likes curry for dinner. So that was that – no yakisoba for dinner. It’s my fault for not noticing it was curry, but then again I wish the one I wanted wasn’t akin to a cinder block in its solidness. But personally, I know this should be pretty good stuff – let’s give it a try! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein

Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein

Well, hello there! You know, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve met here before. Oh yeah – multiple times on the top ten list back in it’s infancy! To be honest, this has been one I’ve loved for ages – perhaps decades. Boy, that makes me feel old… I think I should just let this variety speak for itself – let’s have a look at the contents and give it a try! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Philippines Instant Noodles Of All Time 2018 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Philippines Instant Noodles Of All Time 2018 Edition

As I mentioned at the begginning of the Top Ten Japanese list, I have added a little chat option to the site. If I’m available, I can turn it on on my phone and people can ask me questions or comment while they browse the website. Thus far, the most questions and comments are from the Philippines. I thought hey – why isn’t there a top ten Philippines list? I haven’t reviewed many from the Philippines lately and I kind of hope companies in the Philippines that make instant noodles might be interested in having me review their products – if so, please contact me. I would love to do an annual list for the Philippines, however without more reviews, there’s not a whole lot of reason to do so. So let’s have a look! These are my favorite Filipino varieties from the over 2,500 reviews I’ve posted to date. ...see full post

#2308: Fantastic Noodles Chicken Chow Mein Flavour

Si#2308: Fantastic Noodles Chicken Chow Mein Flavour - Australia - Instant Noodles - The Ramen Rater

Here’s one sent by a reader named Jen from Australia – thanks again! So chow mein – very curious how this will translate. Indeed I’ve had chow mein that tastes like yakisoba, chow mein that’s just salty and soy, chow mein that’s very bland. But this one looks like it will be chow mein with a small amount of broth and vegetables which sounds odd. But wait – is it odd? As a matter of fact. Australia has it’s own take on Chinese food – here’s a little about it from wikipedia: ...see full post

#2156: A-Sha Chow Mein Oyster Sauce BBQ Flavor

The next edition of The Ramen Rater’s top Ten Taiwanese Instant Noodles Of All Time will be coming out in about a month, and so I’ll be cramming in as many late ones to arrive as possible. Today, one of a trifecta by A-Sha Dry Noodles – microwavable trays! Definitely something I’ve not seem out of Taiwan before that I can think of. Anyways, let’s give it a whirl in the ol’ microwave! ...see full post

#1910: Nissin Chow Mein Premium Savory Sauce And Restaurant Quality Noodles Pad Thai Flavor

Today I’m reviewing something new that the folks at Nissin Foods USA sent recently. Pad Thai is a popular dish people get at Thai restaurants – pretty accessible for people in the United States since it’s usually not super spicy and is kind of like an Asian alfedo. Well, technically, it’s nothing like that but I think you know what I mean – it’s something that people aren’t extremely scared of, and a lot of the time, the first time Thai food taster will try it, like it, and decide they like Thai food but only order it when they go out for Thai food. Sad but true, especially when there are so many amazing flavors of Thai food out there. But it’s kind of like Chinese food – it’s Americanized so they get repeat customers. Americanized Thai food is very tasty though – I will definitely say I enjoy it. Let’s give this Pad Thai a try! ...see full post