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#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon – Japan

#3464: Takamori Agodashi Udon - Japan

Here’s one from the December 2019 Umai Crate! Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box you can get from Japan with all sorts of noodles and Japanese things inside. Should check ’em out and if you get one or a subscription, use coupon code THERAMENRATER at checkout for a discount! ...see full post

#3458: Maruchan Chikara Mochi Udon – Japan

#3458: Maruchan Chikara Mochi Udon - Japan

Here we have one from Japan sent by Zenpop. Zenpop does a few different kinds of subscription boxes you can get and they’re pretty neat! Use coupon code RAMENRATER for a discount at checkout! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater Diet Update – February 2020

I thought I’d do a quick update as to everything I’ve been doing to attempt to lose weight. Winter has come. Harder to have the ability to get outside – who wants to walk in the pouring rain? Plus, lots of vacation time for kids so stuck at home a lot. Here’s a new video about what I’m doing. plus I did a recipe using a couple ingredients including Hakubaku Udon noodles – it’s pretty quick – not going to say it’s only 5 calories, but it’s super good. ...see full post

#3281: Samlip Hi-Myon Spicy Katsuo Udon – South Korea

#3280: Samlip Hi-Myon Spicy Katsuo Udon - South Korea

Got this a little while back up in Richmond, BC at the HMart in Aberdeen Centre. This is the spicy counterpart to the non-spicy version I reviewed about 110 reviews ago. Let’s take a look. ...see full post

#3271: Samyang Foods Tsuyu Udon Big Bowl – South Korea

#3271: Samyang Foods Tsuyu Udon Big Bowl - South Korea

I’m sure there are some folks out there figuring this is going to violently spicy. Well, that’s just not the case. Not everything that Samyang Foods makes has an angry little chicken on it! Let’s see what we have inside this big bowl! ...see full post