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#4351: Myojo Ippeichan Yomise No Yakisoba Mentaiko Flavor – Japan

#4351: Myojo Ippeichan Cup Yomise No Yakisoba Mentaiko Flavor - Japan

Well this sounds good. I always am surprised at all the Myojo Ippeichan out there and that there are still varieties I’ve yet to try. Mentaiko is cod roe. Yep – fish eggs. While some might find that strange, fish eggs are all over in Japanese foods. A lot of savoriness! I think I found this one at Asian Family Market a couple weeks ago. Let’s make some yakisoba! ...see full post


Check this out! Myojo USA makes a slew of different fresh ramen and yakisoba. This time around, it’s personal. I’ve been a fan of the tray style fried noodle yakisoba for years and this particular Ippei-chan Yakisoba is with fresh noodles for the refrigerated section. I’ve tried it and it’s amazing – find it. Check out everything they sent! ...see full post

#4282: Nissin U.F.O. Truffle Carbonara Flavour Yakisoba – Singapore

#4421: Nissin U.F.O. Truffle Carbonara Flavour Yakisoba - Singapore

This is pretty cool – it only arrived a day or so ago and it’s only around for a short time I believe, so I’m rushing it out. I definitely like carbonara. Truffles are interesting from what I’ve experienced of them. I used to visit a restaurant every once in a while called Perche No in Seattle – an Italian restaurant whose head chef was Malaysian! Anyways, he made all sorts of fascinating fusions. Was at a special dinner there once and he brought out a big container of truffles and let us check them out. Truffles are hard to describe; kind of like the finest old book smell but edible. It’s really different and compelling. Well, this yakisoba has aromatics of truffle which is very interesting to me. Big thank you goes out to Nissin Singapore for contacting me about these and sending some! Let’s get to it. ...see full post

New Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba From Nissin Singapore!

New Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba From Nissin Singapore!

I got an email from Nissin Singapore recently telling me about a new product being released and asking if I’d like to try it. Of course I said yes! This is really neat – Truffle Carbonara Yakisoba from their U.F.O. range – really curious about it. Alien characters, Halloween coming up soon – let’s check it out! It came in a really fascinating box! Thanks to the folks from Nissin Singapore for sending this over! ...see full post