Meet The Manufacturer: #1028: Samyang Foods Buldalk Bokkeummyeon (Hot Fried Chicken Ramyun)

Well this one looks to be extremely spicy. Samyang Foods sent some instructions along as everything on the back of these packages are in Korean. Well, they also added a little advice:

If it is too spicy for you to finish, you’d better add a soft-fried egg, vegetables or some chicken 🙂 My fingers are crossed for you!

Wow – I think I’ve got my work cut out for me on this one! Spicy chicken stir noodles… Let’s do it!

The back of the package (click to enlarge). Notice the little grumpy chicken talking about SHU. SHU are Scoville Heat Units, a way to rate the degree of spiciness. The scornful fowl is warning us about this being 4,404 SHU. I’ve found a variety in the past that has 5,930 SHU – that was really hot! Curious how I’ll do with this one…

The noodle block.

The liquid packet.

Oh dude. It kind of looks like fire with smoke coming up from it, doesn’t it? Gave a taste with a toothpick – it’s tasty and then super hot! Being a stir noodle, this will be undiluted by water.

A black and white packet. Hot pepper flake, perhaps?

Looks like some seaweed and sesame seeds.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added baked chicken seasoned with adobo and Cavender’s Greek seasoning, sweet onion, fried egg and green onions. As I always do in my reviews, I sampled the product before adding all my own garnishes. The noodles are thick and chewy. The flavoring is pretty good – extreme spiciness! Has a nice kind of fried chicken taste. The sesame and seaweed ass a nice little finish. If you don’t like spicy foods, stay away! If you do, this will satisfy! Eyes watering and nose running! 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8801073110502.

A Samyang commercial.


  1. I was defeated as I can only handle mild heat like spicy chips with no problem, but when it comes to Jalepeños or worse, I can’t take it. Now I know I need to build up to this. Maybe I can conquer it next time I head to H mart!

  2. H Mart in Wheaton Maryland sells them! Delicious! They have the single, 5 pack and single cup and 6 case cups as well as the big bowls. Finally a flavorful spicy ramen noodle!

    1. Lucky me! I have a package here with me. It does have a Halal stamp. The name of the certifying body is too small for me to read the print, though.

  3. Bought a 5-pack of these on sale at H Mart (Korean chain grocer) in PA. I, too, didn’t drain the water from the noodles and can’t imagine the sweet hell I’d have dropped myself in if I did. As it was, I had one tear dripping down my face as I kept eating. I didn’t think there was a ‘fried chicken’ flavor at all, though, & didn’t think the seaweed/sesame packet really brought anything to the party. I had to add salt to instant ramen (even with the tear added), which just seems wrong, somehow.

    1. Yeah I would guess it’d need salt if you added water… As for the fried chicken, this is more like Korean Fried Chicken – which is in fact a real thing and freaking excellent. If your HMart has a food courd, they might have K fried chicken there. Kind of like twice fried – worth a try!

      – TRR

  4. I got the cup (can’t find the review on here) of these and while good, it has sort of a strong chemical/plasticy taste. It’s quite spicy and there is a little bit of flavor, but the weird plastic taste is very overwhelming.

  5. You made it wrong! You’re supposed to thoroughly cook the noodles, then drain the water and then add the sauce on a low heat and stir until well mixed. It’s a lot more spicy then.

      1. I ran my packages instructions through an online Korean Keyboard and google translate. There’s nothing about draining the noodles in my instructions. So that’s confusing.

  6. So spicy, I don’t think I can finish this one made it 3.4 of a way through then my lips started burning.

    Delicious though

  7. Just bought these in the UK at Centre Point Food Store – lovely! Just about a £1, too. Not expensive for good instant noodles, if you ask me.

    I made it like a soup, however, because I don’t read Korean and didn’t find any info on them before I started cooking. 😀 Can’t wait to try it the right way, considering how delicious they are as soup noodles, haha. SO spicy. Can’t believe there is even spicier instant noodles!

  8. Now I dont speak Korean. But I was swearing, crying and begging in Korean for a good part of an hour to make the pain stop….

    But it was sooo good…

  9. My lips were jittering when I’m eating this! Eventhough I add many condiments to it like chicken teriyaki fillet and onigiri to reduce the heat, it still burning like hell!!! But it taste good, though! 😀

  10. Hi!
    I just bought these noodles because I was intrigued. Can’t read korean so could I get some cooking instructions please? Thanks a lot.

  11. These noodles are extremely hot…first ate it like a soup (cause I had no plan of the cooking directions I just ate it like the usual instant soup) and it was seriously the most spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten….other spicy instant noodles like the Nong Shim Shin Cup can’t even be compared to it….seriously yummy, but so spicy that only the first bit is delicious for me. Then it burns and hurts a lot.

  12. Bought these at the H Mart on Northern Boulevard in Queens last night. They are superb and even better with an egg and some sliced, sautéed chicken breast and some sautéed spinach with a dash of sesame oil. Great review.

  13. Just got my hands on one of these, having trouble understanding the instructions. I only understand 600ml 😉 but here I see no water so I’m back to square 1 :). Any tips?

    1. Cook in 600ml of water for 5min, then drain the noodles, but leave abot 8 Spoons full of water in the pot. Add the sauce and fry noodles and sauce for about 30 sec, then add the flakes and serve!

      I just bought them at the local asian supermarket (right here in germany), not knowing they were gonna be that hot. Managed to eat the whole bowl without drinking milk though. It burns mostly the tongue, the flavour is nice though.

    1. Picking these up in 5-packs at an Asian grocer in Melbourne’s CBD. Extremely addicted to them. Especially with some death sauce.

  14. Bought one from a Korean store in Makati today. Wow! I never expected it to be uber spicy! I thought it would just be Shinramyun-ish. Blown away!

    1. Good news (at least if you’re Canadian) – it’s available in a few Korean markets in Toronto. Totally addicted to this.

          1. Sure. They come and go at the various markets. I’ve seen them at PAT Central near Christie station and most recently in the market whose name I can’t recall but it is nearby on the north side of Bloor. I have also seen it in North York at the large Korean supermarket north of Yonge and Steeles. It comes and goes, though. They all have it for a while and then don’t for a few weeks and then it is back. You have to keep checking.

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