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Nissin Top Ramen Popcorn Chicken #ramenbread

Nissin Top Ramen Popcorn Chicken #ramenbread

The last ramen bread I made was 100% instant noodles, however had more moisture than I wanted it to have, so I thought perhaps lighter on the eggs and liquids would prove for a more loafy loaf – less cake like. Well, what happened was nothing short of a Christmas miracle really and something new. What if I told you you could take a few packs of Top Ramen and turn it into popcorn chicken? That’s like diamonds in the microwave but it actually happened! Let’s give it a whirl, Earl! ...see full post

New Congee From Mr. Lee’s!

New Congee From Mr. Lee's!

Mr. Lee’s Noodles started out in the UK. Priding themselves as a healthier option, they use freeze dried ingredients to give a better taste and freshness which is really quite a nice departure from the norm. Their varieties of noodle products are rice noodles, so they made the connection to offer congee varieties as well – let’s check them out! ...see full post

#3879: Baixiang Artificial Chicken Soup Flavor Instant Noodle – China

#3879: Baixiang Artificial Chicken Soup Flavor Instant Noodle - China

I first found Baixiang products up in Richmond, BC a number of years ago. Good stuff – always like to try new ones they make. A reader mentioned this one – I’d seen it before, and I’d thought I’d bought the chicken one and the pork one, but instead I’d gotten two pork ones. Well, when asked if I’d tried it I decided to grab the chicken one. Only one pack this time though. Let’s check it out! ...see full post