Out Of The ICU! Maruchan Feel Better Recovery Ramen!

An older package of Maruchan Chicken flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

You may have seen that I was in the hospital this week. I can describe the whole thing in the video below since it has been typed a lot of times and I had a TON of blood draws in the past few days and to put it short, they had to get them out of my dominant hand and it’s a little sore after being poked so many times, so my apologies.

I god COVID-19. We all did here. We are all vaccinated. This Omicron is a mean bugger and got right through it. Everyone’s getting better and so am I, but what it did to me was a little different…

In 2016, I took a trip to Taiwan and I thought hey – I’ll take something to sleep on the plane – then I’ll be less let lagged! Well, back then I weighed over 100lbs more than I do now and those seats are little. Well, I got a blood clot – I thought it was something else, but upon return from the trip I felt a little funny and my doc demanded I get to the ER, and they admitted me for a pulmonary embolism; a blood clot in my lung.

I’ve made major changes in my diet and I walk a lot more than most, usually about ten miles per day. I thought since it was considered situational from inactivity and that I was so active and lost weight, I left that stuff in the dust.

Well, what I was told was that Omicron is a little different; the way the body fights it includes upping the agent that clots your blood, so if you’ve gotten one of those buggers in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll get another one. Well, I got a bunch of them – and bigger than the first one…

I’ll leave it at that but I describe the event in the video below – not gory or anything but pretty messed up – a I would say if you’ve been prone to such things in the past and you do get sick, maybe ask your doc if you need to go back on a blood thinner? IDK I’m certainly not a doctor but it would have saved a lot of worry and time not only for me but my kids and my sweet wife.

Anyways, I made some Maruchan Chicken flavor ramen noodle soup earlier and did an episode – it’s January 21st today. I want to say happy birthday to my sister Sue, and send thanks to everyone who had such uplifting and supportive things to say while I have been going through it – means a lot to me. I also want to thank the amazing people at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA. They wre so nice and kind and likely saved my life. Also to my buddies going through nightmares right now – I’m here for your. Cheers!

On to the noodles!

Out Of The ICU! Maruchan Feel Better Recovery Ramen!

Finished (click to enlarge). Added spring onion, ham, spring onion, and an egg. I used less than the amount of water called for, I used a blow torch of the ham, I cooked the egg wrong because I forgot about putting it in after I’d boiled everything for quite a while. Yeah – I’m still getting over that hospital stay, but it was nice. Again, thanks to everyone who’s had nice things to say – please take care of yourselves!

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