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Out Of The ICU! Maruchan Feel Better Recovery Ramen!

An older package of Maruchan Chicken flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

You may have seen that I was in the hospital this week. I can describe the whole thing in the video below since it has been typed a lot of times and I had a TON of blood draws in the past few days and to put it short, they had to get them out of my dominant hand and it’s a little sore after being poked so many times, so my apologies. ...see full post

#4033: Noodie Peanut Chili Irresistible Ramen – United States

#4033: Noodie Peanut Chili Irresistible Ramen - United States

I received an email a few weeks ago from Isabel, CEO and Founder of Noodie. She extolled the virtue of her product (non-fried, 16g of protein, lower sodium, load of veggies, and Vegan-friendly) and asked if I’d like to try it. Never one to turn down the chance to try something new, I accepted – and here we are. I write this before tasting, but I’ve got it say I’m already impressed. The presentation here is just impeccable – downright revolutionary to be honest. You can cook these noodles in their container (which is plastic by the way). You can cok it like a cup noodle, however the noodle block is in a standard flat shape – which works with the container. The graphic design and fonts are great – you can’t tell from the above picture, but the contents of the bowl image are done with gold leaf! This honestly feels like a futuristic instant noodle. Isabel sent a very nice note about how my review would be a big milestone in the timeline of her product. Like I said at this point of writing, I’ve not tried it yet – but I definitely wanted to say that this is one of the neatest packaged noodles I’ve seen. With that, let’s begin. ...see full post

#4020: Vite Ramen Grilled Ribeye Beef v1.2 – United States

#4020: Vite Ramen Grilled Ribeye Beef v1.2 - United States

Well, didn’t I just hit one of those big numbers a few weeks ago? Well, much earlier than I hit my 4000th review, the video at the bottom of this one got published. See, my episodes of Instant Noodle Recipe Time come out sooner that the posts they’re for. It’s nice having things staggered a bit to be honest. Well, the epiosde at the bottom of this review is my 1200th episode of Instant Noodle Recipe Time! A couple interesting things about this episode are the fact that I’m sure the kitchen will be incredibly hot – tomorrow (I get the posts ready for the review the night before) is probably going to be the last ultra hot day of the summer (if we’re lucky. Today it got up to 93F here if not hotter. It’s also kind of humid. We also have a lot of smoke from forest fires. So, I’ll be slaving away in a hot kitchen tomorrow – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you for watching the show. ...see full post

Noodie Brings Futuristic Instant Noodles To The Market!

Noodie Brings Futuristic Instant Noodles To The Market!

Got an email a week or two ago from the creator of a neat new healthy instant noodle product called Noodie. They wanted to send me some, and of course I’m always up to trying something new. I didn’t expect to find something so unique though and I’m really stoked to give them a try – the packaging and the product are just as fascinating as can be – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3507: Mr Lee’s Noodles Hong Kong Street Beef – United Kingdom

#3507: Mr Lee's Noodles Hong Kong Street Beef - United Kingdom

Well, here we go!I did a Meet The Manufacturer with Mr Lee’s a couple of years ago, and now they’re going to be producing in the USA! Sounds like starting May 2020 their products will be available (and also made) here as well as in the UK. They’ll be available on Amazon and I’ll do reviews of the Us made versions when they become available. This one’s only 218 calories! Not only that, this is one of the few manufacturers that use freeze dried rather than dehydrated bits. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#3491: Lemonilo Naked Ramen Chicken Curry Soup – United States

#3491: Lemonilo Naked Ramen Chicken Curry Soup - Indonesia

Awhile back, Lemonilo started producing a Mie Goreng variety which is honestly one of the best out there. Lemonilo puts everything in a healthy light. When they sent me the samples of their Mie Goreng, they included a shirt and a workout towel. I keep the towel on the stroller actually – handy when doing a dozen miles at a fast clip. This variety’s packaging clearly denoted it’s for the US market, however it’s made in Indonesia.  This pack did’n’t come from them though – it was sent by a reader named James in Lakeside, California. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post