New Product Samples From Indomie

Got a package today – from Indonesia! New product samples from Indomie! This should be awesome!

I’ve been seeing these all over Instagram lately – let me explain… There is a new line Indomie’s making called Taste of Asia. Usually Indomie makes varieties centering around the many different cuisines of Indonesia; but not this time. Three varieties based on flavors from other Asian regions. Tom yum, laksa and bulgogi! Wow – this will be fun! Theyt also sent one which is brand new called Iga Penyet. What I think it is isa flavor based on a dish centering around spicy beef ribs. Sounds good – looking forward to giving it a try!

They also sent me an autographed advert! It was signed by the manager of marketing, noodles division! Pretty awesome! Thanks to Ridki, Susienta, and everyone at Indomie! I’ll be trying these soon!

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