#529: Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavored Soup

A new find today at a big Korean supermarket nearby. Been a while since I’ve reviewed anything by Sapporo Ichiban. What’s interesting too is that the packaging proclaims that it’s new! Also on the back it says it’s three servings! Boy, this economy sure is hitting everyone hard! Now instant noodle rationing!

Just one packet as usually found in this brand’s packs.

The powdered seasoning had a funny smell to it; not exactly chicken at all. Almost a dirt-like odor – strange.

Click image to enlarge. Added a couple eggs – pan-scrambled. The noodles are great but again the broth and flavor is really strange – it’s a little spicy but the aftertaste is almost earthy. My wife said it reminded her of cooked asparagus.  Was a real disappointment. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars – surprisingly low for the makers of a top ten variety.

Sapporo Ichiban commercials from the 80’s.

Hot dog eating contest


  1. Eating one of these now. Definitely a strange flavor and aroma. I don’t like it. I’d give it 2 stars, too. Maybe from the “bell pepper powder”? Only ingredient I can imagine that would have that capability.

  2. Tried these today with a stadium brat and egg. I didn’t get the dirt smell/taste but did get a citrus flavour coming through. Not as much heat as I expected. I’ not sure if I would go as low as a 2, I would probably put them in the 3 range because I’ve had much worse and the added extras made them pleasant by the end of the bowl.

  3. Just had one of these for lunch. The flavor is definitely distinctive, but I wouldn’t drop it so low as a 2 out of 5. I like the spicey heat level and think part of the distinctive flavor is some heavy handedness with citric acid. I was also a bit surprised to note the serving size change, but if you use these as the base for a hot pot style communal bowl, then I think the flavor packet strength is probably up to a 3-person meal.

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