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#3952: Thai Chef Artificial Duck Flavour – Thailand

#3952: Thai Chef Artificial Duck Flavour - Thailand

It used to be that I would shy away for the odd duck flavored instant noodle that would cross my desk, however these days I see them and a smile crossed my aging face. Duck. It reminds of when I have been in Asia, a place I so wish to see again. These are made by the same company that makes the MAMA range of noodle products, undoubtedly one you’re familiar with if you are a noodle aficionado. Let’s give this duck noodle a try as I look back wistfully at the days of dreams in Asia past and hopefully the future untold they will hold. ...see full post

MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Instant Noodles Bread Experiment

Yesterday, I tried making bread with Mom’s Dry Noodle brand instant noodles from Taiwan. I figured I’d continue the theme with MAMA – maternal instant noodle time over here I suppose. But anyways, this one is a completely different kind of deal. Let’s give it a go and see what kind of results we end up with. ...see full post