#543: Menraku Japanese Curry “Udon”

One of my favorite things in all the world of cuisine is curry. Hot curry, curry soup, curry beef, curry chicken, curry vindaloo, curry powder, curry paste, green curry, yellow curry, masaman curry, Indian curry and Japanese curry. This sounded good and I’m starving.

So its powder on the right, but I wonder what this chunky stuff in the veggie packet is all about? Hmm…

Wow, that’s quite a pile of powdered seasoning – and its got a great curry stink to it! Also, look at all that stuff on the right – fried tofu and green onions with a dash of carrot and bonito.

Click image to enlarge. No eggs. Just curry udon. So the noodles are awesome – very wide and thick and chewy! The broth is oozing with curry goodness! The veggies and tofu? Perfect. Yup – I’m really quite happy with this one – 4.75 out of 5.0 stars!

Here’s the commercial!

Really – watch this the guy’s got a ridiculously large camera collection


  1. I have some promotion for your website posted on a Dutch website called: Hyves (a Dutch version of Facebook)
    It’s a fan page for “noodle soup” with over 2000 members.
    I hope that more Dutch people will visit your great website!

    The link for you: http://yummie-bamisoep.hyves.nl/ (You can find my post in the blog section)

    Here is the translation for you:

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    I am no friend of Hans and I have no interest at all to promote his website but,
    because this is a “noodle soup” Hyve this will certainly be an interesting link for you all.

    My personal Hyves site: http://van-norden2.hyves.nl/

    1. Ha! The creator of that page totally copied his background image of ramen tiling except just with one indomie packet..

      Hey RR, if you made a cafepress store with the background you have now available as a poster, id totally buy it.

  2. I think its neat how japanese seems to be able to be written vertically as well as horizontally. It would be weird to read something from the top down in english…I guess since every character is like a word to them its a little easier. That tofu looks nice and thick. Would probably go good with some more added tofu – they sell some good firm pre-cubed tofu at the store.

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