#544: Unox Good Noodles Kip ( Chicken )

Here’s another Dutch noodle from Michael V.N. in Holland! He informed me that kip means chicken – it’s kind of funny as almost every other noodle package that is chicken flavored usually has some kind of image of a chicken on it – this one’s covert!

Two packets – oil on the left and powder seasoning on the right.

The powder and oil intermingle in their savory way.

Click image to enlarge. A couple of scrambled eggs and some carefully placed polka-dots of Texas Pete hot sauce. So I have the vegetable flavor a week or two ago and I followed the same directions and it did the same thing – I try to make it with soup but it just gets sucked up by the noodles so quickly. The noodles are nice enough – and the chicken flavor is quite good – I liked it and would eat it again. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars!

So this is the product that Unox is most well known for.

I really like how after she tosses the stick of butter in the other lady starts talking about healthy foods…

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  1. Olie and Kruiden..sounds like a cartoon show or something.

    Hey olie, what should we call our brand of noodles?
    – I dunno, Kruiden, maybe “good noodles”?

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