October 17, 2011

#532: Doll Instant Noodle Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour

Thanks to Nathan R. of Vancouver, Canada, I have this wonderful package of noodles that I will be devouring shortly. Was sure I’d had every variety of the Doll line but apparently I haven’t – I think maybe this one just isn’t distributed in the USA.

NOTE: So I got a comment – I had put Tonkatsu instead of Tonkotsu – ” Tonkatsu and tonkotsu are two different Japanese dishes, the former being breaded, fried pork cutlets, similar to German schnitchel, and the latter is a variety of ramen with a broth made from boiled pork bones.” – JP Hays. Thanks for the heads up! Had no clue of the error of that it would make such a difference!

Standard pair of packets – liquid on the left and powder on the right.

Looks good to me. You might notice – I got a new bowl! Actually I bought three new bowls today at a store called Daiso at the mall. Most of the stuff there is $1.50 – including this bowl! Got another $1.50 bowl and a $5.00 one.

Click image to enlarge. That looks great! Added two fried eggs. First, the noodles are very nice, high quality and very tasty. The broth has a nice flavor to it and was perfect. I really like Doll products and this is no exception. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars!

A Doll Brand TV commercial from Hong Kong.

This is pretty awesome – how to make miniature food out of polymer clay.